The web without search engines


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Do you remember the web before search engines existed? We're talking early 90's here when you basically could get to sites if you knew their URL or if they were linked from your ISP. There were a few search engine experiments going on at the time but nobody really knew about them. They certainly weren't anything people used on a regular basis. Most ISP's had their own "bubble" in which customers could browse some default globally available content but that was about it.

Do you remember these days or were you a late-comer to the internet?
A late-comer. As in, somewhere in the 90s but I don't remember a time without search engines. That would be a pain in the ass. Hell, I use search engines to search for search engines. I don't remember the last time I typed something in the address bar without going the lazy route and getting Google to find it for me.
I came in late. I started connecting to the Internet during AOL 3.0 or whatnot (1998, I believe).

Heck, you want us to feel bad for the people who had to type in the web-addresses? What about us? We had no good sites to go on during the late 90's. Luckily, StarCraft was around to make good use of the Internet. =)


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I remember this. I started getting online in 1994. I just remember going on Prodigy (yes, Prodigy) to do the chat-room thing. But that was really it at the time. I didn't go to many websites until a few years later. And it would take forever for them to load cause AOL (I'd switched over by then) didn't have enough servers.


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I started using the web in 96/97 ish. Google wasn't there yet perhaps. I don't remember. I used to always use askjeeves lol, because I'd seen a commercial for it on tv. But then google burst on the scene and was super simple and gave what you needed, not what it thought you needed. Mind you, I think google worked out well too because right around that time, web developers started taking advantage of search engines too, and optimized their code to get picked up better.


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I remember when first using the web scouring magazines looking for urls of things I night have found interesting then clicking various links from page to page. I think compuserve was my isp but they only had links to other parts of the compuserve site.

My bookmarks folder at the time was huge if I remember correctly.


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I'm 24, and started using the 'Net at 14 when I bought my first computer (yes, I had a job). I'm not really good at math and I want to say it was around '98. I don't remember much about it, other than MSN chats - the reason for my lack of sleep and late referrals from school. Though, that was just the 'Net, my first PC game I dominated was Sim Ant some years before that.


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I am a later comer to the internet. I can't remember any days without search engines, and I dread to think of what horrors that might of created!