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The way of the waves


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.

Now this is my favorite way to relax and let all the B.S and stress from the world pass me by.

There is nothing like getting on the waves. Not even longboarding can compare.

Me I surf in storms, the winter and I love to surf alone at night.

I started surfing when I was 10 and haven't stopped. My son got to go for his first time this year and I think he is hooked too.

So where do you surf and what type of board do you use?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've never tried it before, but mostly because I've never lived anywhere that had waves (i.e. near the ocean). :(

I go wakeboarding every now and then but that's as close as I get to surfing.


Registered Member
I'm a "gentle" surfer. For me water is just to relax and not get a rush. So I take the gentle waves. It does help keep in shape for snowboarding season.


Registered Member
I would love to go surfing sometime. But sadly where I live we don't get big wave at all. Really not much of any waves to speak of. But I am not sure if I would personally ever want to try it in the middle of a storm. I bet it is a rush though?


New Member
Nightsurfer, have you ever been riding in a wave so large that it loops over and almost encases you? I've always thought that looked cool and like a huge rush.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Yes. The first time at North Shore..Man I freaked and thought I was a gonner.
But I pulled it out..

I like to ride the crest of the big waves and shoot the tube just as soon as the wave crashes in.

But nothing can compare to Night surfing. It's too hard to put into words..It's like trying to describe the taste of salt to someone..

You have to try it to understand.

I'm going to try tow-in surfing next month. I heard that you can get waves up to 40 feet or higher. Now that's a rush!

I just got me an old school Op sprint board. Man that thing is hell on water.
More fun than should be allowed in a wetsuit.


Registered Member
That is one thing that I can honestly say scares me and that is a big wall of water. I could not imagine waves that incase you like that.


Registered Member
I've gotten to ride a few that encased me...I love it. But then I don't have any fear of water at all. So I guess it's good I don't surf much....


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well around 3 am I got accosted by the cops/beach patrol and told to head into shore or they would arrest me for night surfing.

I didn't know that there were any laws about it. So I got out of the water and jumped on Evil and started to research if any such laws exist..They do! :-o
I was shocked to find that out..Most beaches are subject to the same laws as a National parks. This is the first time in 13 years of night surfing I have ever been told to get off the waves.

Oh well, you can't win them all..So I decided to watch the sun come up and check in on things here at GF. So here I am.


When I started reading your first post I thought "Be careful when you go night surfing, somebody told my sister to get off the beach at either 9 or 10 PM because they're "closed"".

I'm with you, though, I like going to the beach at night and having it all to myself and it's under moonlight. It's just a different atmosphere and feeling you get when you go at night. It's a good feeling.

As you said, if the cops/beach patrol catches you they'll let you have it.