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The Water of Life



Before you post, observe the following guidelines:
1) I will NOT rate, review, or fix your deck just because you ask me to. Don't ask me to. That's not what I do. If I did, I wouldn't be posting this, would I?
2) No cookie-cutter suggestions, please. I know things like Sakuretsu Armor are good, and I'd like to have them, but I need to get them first.
3) This deck is intended for Advanced Format.

Purpose of this deck (pay attention, I'm only saying this once): To stall the opponent until I can bring out my best monsters, power them up or clear the field, and beatstick my enemy; the alternative is to stall until he runs out of cards. The engine of this is mainly Tornado Wall, Astral Barrier, and ALO. Work off this idea. Do not try to change this drastically. If you do, I'll ignore your suggestions and probably laugh at you.

Main Deck (42 - the answer to life, the universe, and everything)
Monsters (24):
Tribute (5):
2X Giga Gagagigo
2X Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
1X Mobius the Frost Monarch

Non-Tribute (19):
2X Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
2X Aqua Spirit
2X Familiar-Possessed - Eria
2X Gagagigo
2X Gale Lizard
3X Mother Grizzly
2X Revival Jam
3X Star Boy
1X Yomi Ship

Spells/Traps (19):
Spells (10):
3X A Legendary Ocean
2X Big Wave Small Wave
1X Hammer Shot
1X Mystical Space Typhoon
1X Premature Burial
1X Salvage
1X Snatch Steal

Traps (9):
2X Astral Barrier
1X Call of the Haunted
2X Draining Shield
1X Dust Tornado
2X Tornado Wall

Side Deck (15, duh):
Monsters (6):
1X Cure Mermaid
1X Fenrir
1X Lekunga
1X Mermaid Knight
1X Revival Jam
1X Unshaven Angler

Magic/Traps (9):
1X Bottomless Trap Hole
1X Fissure
1X Magic Jammer
1X Shield and Sword
2X Shift
1X Solemn Wishes
1X Tornado Wall
1X Waboku

Wanted for this deck:
Sakuretsu Armor
Smashing Ground

That's the whole thing. Follow the guidelines, help me especially with my side deck, and give me some good ideas.

EDIT: Changed a couple cards. Got lucky at a flea market last weekend - someone was selling loose cards for cheap, and one of their bundles had BWSW. Perfect for me.
EDIT, 5/3/2006: Put in Astral Barrier and such. Finally.
EDIT, 5/9/2006: My roommate bought me the Water structure deck. I pulled it apart and am now using some of the best cards from it. Booya.
EDIT, 6/23/2006: Piddled around a little and took out a few cards that weren't working. I'd like to consolidate this deck by taking out some more cards that don't work for me.


Re: The Might of the Sea

Ok from what I can tell your want like you said stall till you pull your super buff monsters so here is some advice

+astral Barrier Shifts changes yes but Astral barrier forces them to attack directly with tornado wall you take no daamage and they can't attack monsters.

-maiden of the aqua
-aqua mardoor

+3 mother grizzy when you get them

+cure mermaids

- heart of clear water

-seven tools
+draining sheilds or enchanted javelins

that is all i have to say.^^


I have more or less taken your suggestions, Sammy, and I've noticed a marked change in how well my deck works.

I'm actually standing my ground against my roommate. Usually he tramples me into next year.

Even better, I've been fortunate enough to find a place where I can get the water structure deck. I can buy that, test it against mine, then pull it apart, just as I've planned to do.


Don't say I never listen.

I've taken all of Sammy's suggestions except putting in more Cure Mermaids. And I can win now.

Also, it turns out the Fury From the Deep structure deck, right out of the box, whomps my roommate. Either it's good, his deck isn't good, or it wins solely because of the banned cards (Tribe-Infecting Virus and Pot of Greed). No matter what, I feel better knowing it CAN be beaten.

Now why doesn't somebody else give a suggestion?