The Watcher


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I am doing this because, like the last time I wrote about this type of shit, the illuminati followed me, as they follow me paths... If they come, you will know... I hope that they do, for I am dieing of BIGBROTHER ignorance. Noticed how I didn't say ignorance, for I am enlightened in some areas, but when it comes to the ways of BIGBROTHER, I, as well as 96% of society, remain pretty unlearned.

I just wrote an entire rant and it was deleted. It makes me question whether it was intentional or not… I doubt it, but why did the page expire, who knows... What I was saying is that I don’t believe half of the things that a lot of people theorize about the new world order… I just think it is the result of a greedy government. Considering the government withholds most information, people are left to conspire, as there is nothing else to do. Some of which are those, like myself, who were let in to some of the truths, only to be deprived of the entire truth. Following the increments of honesty that ones receives from the internet, it is usually followed by a sea of lies, to which as a result, one forgets what he initially learned. I don’t understand how the government can be so apathetic to lead people on to the watcher and then leave them alone, leaving the victim paranoid for basically the rest of his lives. The government is destroying lives. America is the enemy, as they do not treat their allies with trust or civility. Families do not break trust, therefore, the American government, as of now, is no ally of mine. They are like distant friends, to which are off on their own agenda… to conquer the world. I been up all night, so I doubt I am even making sense. America has done nothing but ruin my life… time and time again, unbearable law continually destroys my life. How can a nation of people agree on the laws that are executed in our nation? Is our entire nation brainwashed, or is it just me? I want to know who the watcher is… I want to know who was sending me subliminal messages through satellite television. I want to know who talked to my brother and I from within a search engine. I want to no how far along AI evolved. I realize the robots are on forums, and I realize that half of what you find in search engines is lies, but I want to know the truth to everything. I want to meet the people who were watching me. At one point I saw a thousand satellites in the sky, and minutes later, the sky completely changed. At one point I saw a flash of light in the sky, during the day, to which was created somehow by a satellite. I want to know the truth behind all this confusion that the watcher inspired… I will not forgive them until I find the whole truth, or until they grant me with it… The fact of the matter is they have broken me, so only they can fix me.


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Why do so many crazy things have to happen to me? Someone texted my brother, through communication of a search engine. In addition, I had said something to get red flagged, and when I hit back, after going into one of the websites, it said, "I don't take you seriously" Internet capablities go beyond what you had imagined.


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Paranoia?????? WTH, I sent you a message and your still not convinced. Parnoia may be the satellite TV part, but hey, it really seemed like subliminal messages. On the other hand, someone texting my brother after communication through a search engine? that is not parnoia, thats new age technology. You are fortunate enough to hear this from me... I don't go around telling people. This is a secret kept from the public, and I told you.

I can understand your disbelief. I had two insane experiences to which I told you... If I were you, I would call me crazy too... So its understandable.


I sent the PM after I wrote that post. I'll delete it because I don't think it is appropriate to have a personal discussion of this nature in a forum. You might as well delete yours, too.