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TV the walking dead


Registered Member
the walking dead is the first ever zombie tv show in america. It will be on AMC starting in October. whose pumped


I'm serious
Oh wow, really? That is pretty cool. I love zombie movies. Better than vampire movies anyway/even <------pick one!

I would be very interested to see this. I will be looking out for it. Thanks for sharing!


"Expect the unexpected"
I love Zombie movies.......fact is, I am crazy about horror flicks in general. I hope I remember to watch it. Thanks.


Really? I am definitely looking forward to this. I'm in love with zombies and I've read some of the comics this show will be based on and with this being created by Frank Darabont, I have faith in it being entertaining.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Well, I'll be watching. I had no idea that a zombie TV show was even in the works. I love when new ideas work out. I hope this show is one such case.


Mark ov teh Pond
The Walking Dead is brutal. A must read for any fans of comics or zombies. I'm actually not caught up on it, I think I read last issue 55? Around there. It's at 70+ issues, and on-going.

The entire comic reads very much like a movie. It's great. However, I regret to inform ya'll that it does indeed change artists often. Don't ask me what happen (I don't know) but it changes artists three times (that I know of) and you can tell by the style of the art. I wish the first guy would have stuck around. Oh well. Still an amazing comic.

I don't know if I look forward to a series, to be honest with you. The comic as it is, is perfect as I said earlier it reads very much like a movie. I got a feeling TV will ruin it. Who knows? I can't say I am excited though -- I've been disappointed too much in the past when things went live.


This premieres tonight. I'll definitely be DVRing it (can't miss football). I'm hoping the pilot is good and it gets a good following right off the bat.


Problematic Shitlord
I'm absolutely stoked for it. I'm really hoping it turns out as amazing as it looks.