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Discussion in 'Anime' started by Anonym0uz Bitch, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. This is a thread where you can discuss vs topics, as in one character vs the other. Do not simply just say there names, give the stage of power they'd be in, the setting if need be, or how much power they are allowed to access. Then give your opinion on who you'd think would win.

    I'll start things off and say what if Piccolo fused with Kami, and King Piccolo, fought Super Perfect Cell? I personally believe that that fusion would yield the true Super Namek, and that Piccolo would kick the shit out of Cell.

  2. King Vegeta

    King Vegeta Guest

    Super Perfect Cell would beat the shit out of Piccolo. He'd still be no where near Cell's power, it's too immense. Last time Piccolo fought Cell he wasn't even a match for him in his first form so him fusing with Demon King Piccolo would only make him almost as powerful as Cell in his second form.

    Superman versus Super Saiya-Jin 3 Goku on Earth. I was on a forum & a lot of people gave pictures & showed that Superman would beat Goku in any stage. Superman can take more physical pain than Goku can from what I've seen.

    This is only about DBZ characters, not characters of other shows.- Piccolo
  3. There was a game that a member mentioned in which the story had Piccolo fuse with King Piccolo and he was equal to that of Super Buu, so I am going by that logic, and it does make more sense then him being as weak as you say, considering the huge jump his fusion with Kami made him.
  4. King Vegeta

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    I'm not saying that it's not possible, I'm just saying I don't think he could become that strong. The highest he'd get could be at Perfect Cell's power but I don't think he'd become as strong as Super Perfect Cell from the fusion.
  5. He was at Perfect Cells power in the Buu Saga...from training, let alone if he fused with his "father."
  6. Babe_Ruth

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    I would like too see SJJ2 Gohan fused with SSJ2 Trunks versus Vegeto. I am sure that Vegeto would win this match up but I am sure Gotrunks lol would of gave them a good fight.

    I am sure that Super Piccolo would of beaten Perfect Cell, but not that easily. It would of been a long and grueling fight but Super Piccolo is so much smarter fighter wise then Cell, he would of end up with the victory
  7. Yeah I think Vegetto would also win that fight, the only way Gohan and Trunks could win is if Gohan had his Mystic power up.
  8. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    There's no doubt that Vegito would win but it would still be a good fight. Another good fight would be Brolly vs Buu, I think if these tough villans would fight it would be an amazing match up.
  9. Which version of Buu? Brolly would stand no chance of winning against any form of Buu from what we go by with the movies.
  10. Milk

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    I agree with Vince, Buu would easily destory Brolly.

    Fat Buu > Brolly
    Super Boo >> Brolly
    Kid Buu >>> Brolly
    Super Boo with Mystic Gohan Absorbed >>>>>>>>>>>>> Brolly


    And now, the ever so dreaded done to death vs. topic,

    Vegetto VS Gogetta.

    For this fight we assume that the fight is fought head on, and will likely be over before 30 minutes.

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