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The Vibe Machine


Stories... It's how ancient people communicated vast riches of wisdom. The power of the story is the power not only to communicate thoughts, but to imbue with spirit. Here, allow me to demonstrate by telling you a little bit about myself.

You walk along a mossy path through an old growth forest. The sun streams through the canopy in narrow streams that settle at your feet, as though to lead you forward. You pass a large boulder and a fallen tree with colorful toadstools growing out of it, then hear the feint sound of rushing water. The path guides you toward the sound and soon you find yourself at the edge of a large stream. The water near the center flows quickly over the rocky bottom, but near the edge it is calm. The water is clear and you can see crayfish milling about at the river bottom. The area you stand in is sunny and serene.

You stretch out on the grass on a small knoll beside the stream. You glance again to the forest beside you and marvel at the simple beauty of the mystical jade rays streaming through the emerald leaves, then close your eyes and put your face to the sun. You listen to the soothing serenade of the stream and realize that for all it's simplicity, this is a perfect moment. I am this moment.

... Your turn.

- Cham