The US has been great because we have a Superior God

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  1. I submit that the US is a great nation because its citizens believe they are superior to other nations and peoples... This thought is based on a majority of the American people thinking their God is superior to other Gods IMO...

    Can America survive with the people not supporting the idea that we are better than any other nation on earth?

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    Don't most (if not nearly all) religious (theistic) people think that their god is better?
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    A lot of folks in Nazi Germany thought that their nation was superior to all others. That's what made it so great. It certainly couldn't have survived if its people weren't nationalistic suckers.

    Seriously though, I'm having difficulty imagining your reasoning behind this claim. What makes a great nation is a matter of opinion. Nationalism facilitates an aggressive and militarily dominant nation, but I wouldn't call such a nation great. In fact, I'd be more inclined to think that such a country is ethically void, anti-intellectual, and probably fascist.

    "Yeah might makes right. I guess 'cause god is on our side it makes us mighty."
    -Might Makes Right, Camper Van Beethoven
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    This is all under the assumption god is existent....

    I also do not have any patriotism....not even an inkling...this country can kiss my pale ass!!
  5. This is my point… if the Muslim people around the world determine their God is higher than America’s and Western Nations God will they not react as Western Europe reacted to nation’s with lesser Gods in the past?

    I opened this thread and the thread Hate America/Anti War V. Property Rights
    To basically consider the same debate, and that is does a nation cease to have authority to exist once they no longer think their nation was founded on a concept of superiority? I hope that makes sense… let me try to explain a little more… Western Europe decided to explore the world in the 1400’s and conquer nations creating colonies and in other areas dominating the masses, such as in Africa… the Caribbeanand so on… In areas where Europeans exploited the land such as Haiti the original population died out or blended with imported slaves under French/German management until the slaves ousted France and Germany…

    However, in Canada and America the land was colonized ousting the inhabitants through war with local tribes that had inferior weaponry. In both cases the authority was the consideration of superiority over the other class of people. The superior God concept is clear parallel considering the missions in Mexico that "civilized" a non colony. Let me refer to a couple of anthropologists.
    I conclude that America is based on a concept of superiority and as we are indoctrinated into tolerance for formerly “lesser people’s” we lose our right to exist as a nation since the nation was based on superiority. In other words to be honest and moral as non superior tolerant culture we must admit we have no right to our nation or the government that was established using the superiority theory as the honest moral base for its existence.
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    We now have a normative right to our nation, as we currently are a nation, and it would be just as wrong for others to take it from us, as it was for us to take it from others orginially. One doesn't need to feel that they have a fundamental right to something, in order to protect, defend, and keep that thing. We are not responsible for the sins of our fathers.
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    The US spent a hundred and fifty years in the shadow of the European empires until the World Wars. I think they can handle no longer being the top of the food chain.

    The basis for US elitism is cultural and economic, hardly religious.
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    A Muslim calls their deity god .. a Christian calls their deity god .. a native American calls their deity god ..

    Point being god is what people who believe in deities call their deity .. the notion of one deity being better than another is as foolish as thinking deities exist in the first place ..

    When the declaration of independence states that the us was a nation under the god of nature .. I feel it was an assertion that god is something people share respect for .. as apposed to the name of a deity .. the god on the money is not the same as the god in the bible ..

    Any use of the word god that has leanings & presumptions of authority in the name of god is a deviation from the essential declaration of independence ..

    the only way the god of the US could be superior to the god of Muslims ect .. is by the god of the states being without shape or face but a call of solidarity in respect to each other & the nation ..

    So long as the word god is treated like the name of a deity rather than a word of solidarity the US god will be no better than the Muslim god ..

    It is the US's secular nature that makes it potentially superior to religous states .. so long as bibles are in courtrooms & religous institutions are given the ability to presume authority over the people in the name of god .. the US will be just as crippled politically as Muslim nations are crippled by Islam .
  9. Many Americans use this basis to hate America, they use it as a basis for open borders and they use it as a reason for living out the dream in the song "Imagine". In this dream world there is no good or evil and right and wrong are simply grey and often blend together... a life not worth living.

    You kind of lost me with the shadow of European empires? America is a Christian nation with a constitution based on Conservatism ... Social Darwinism... free market capitalism operating in a nation of Christians that would provide compassion as determined just based on the Christian values at family, church and community levels. As America was born and then won the War of 1812 America has considered itself a nation of Manifest Destiny implying our God is a superior God and he is on our side... God continue to bless America... ever heard that?

    Europeans and later Americans justified actions on "lesser races" on superiority and with God at their back.

    You are so full of s......First of all paper money didn't enter the scene until recent history in America... And, the God on the money is the God the Christians pray to... And, the Pledge God is the same...are you slow or what? The Declaration of Independence that mentions the higher being is speaking to the same God as the Christians pray to... The Deists of the time speaking of Nature's God were speaking of the God Christians pray to... Locke was a religious trained philosopher as was the founder of the Rights of Man document founder... these dudes simply hated the "Church", meaning they hated the power of the Catholic Church and referred back to God... take a look at this document as noted:
    Note and text found on link of interest are 33, 62, 63, 64 79(religious) and 83.

    You can print this thing out and put it on your dartboard and every place a dart hits it will prove you wrong... every entry has a substantial reference at the bottom of the page... I guess the words on #82 kind of sum up...
    Is not! Prove it! America is religious denomination preference of Christianity neutral and not secular.

    The US is not secular; it is Christian... denomination neutral... The first congress authorized the printing of the King James Version of the Bible... The senate and house chaplain are voted into position by those bodies and open each business day with a prayer to the lord almighty!
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    Founded by Puritans, colonized by Presbyterians, formed in its current form by Masons and Deists.

    No, It implies that we like to disguise our imperialism, just like any other nation. There is in no case a superiority complex here. As for the War of 1812, I don't think that really helped our ego, losing to Canada three times and having most of our shit burned to the ground.

    Sure, if theists want God to bless the country, that's fine. But that doesn't imply anything. Harappan civilization worshipped a single fertility god so that they would be blessed with rain year after year, does that imply superiority? No.


    You seem to have miscontrued my response. Let's look at your prompt.

    Okay, I addressed this.

    Keyword there. I flatly disagreed with that. By saying that that's your personal opinion I do not have to address that at all in my response because...

    ...your actual question does not mention god/gods, it mentions a superiority complex. Thus the reason my post has nothing to do with god, because the answer to the question has nothing to do with god.

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