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MLB The upcoming PED scandal


The return shall be legenday!
Names will soon be released for the PED scandal. How much impact do you think it will have on the game? Will there be some surprise names mentioned and should players who already served the 50 game ban get re-suspended?


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This whole issue is just a mess. It has been reported that the suspensions won't be served until next year, if at all. Will there be surprises regarding people suspended? Maybe but most of the major players have been named. If they do this this season I think it will have a substantial impact. One player here and one player there being suspended during the season is one thing but to lose upwards of 20 players at once will hurt a lot, I think. Do I think players who have already served 50 games be resuspended? That all depends on how the MLB decides to handle the infractions. It has been reported that they plan on splitting it up into two separate infractions, one for using the substance and another for lying about it. Take M Cabrera as an example: If he is to serve time he should only serve 50 games and not 100. He has already served 50 games so to suspend him for 100 games would be to punish him for three separate infractions. We'll see. It should be a big mess regardless of what happens