The Universe is Pulling Apart


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I watched something one the Discovery channel today about black holes and the fabric of the universe. Apparently all known galaxies and stars are all moving away from one point in the universe very slowly, the scientists use this as proof for the big bang theory. They say that at some point everything must have been together, there is a huge black hole right at the point that everything is moving away from. Scientists think that this black hole will eventually be able to slow everything that is moving away from it and pull it all together into something smaller than an atom, then the pressure of all of that matter will explode and another big bang will happen. Scientists think that this will happen forever.

Does this seem odd to anyone? It sure is weird to me.


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I know that's what I told everyone that was telling me that the world was going to end soon because of this, I in no way support evolution or the big bang theory, there is more proof for the Bible being true and yet people still believe the Big Bang because they don't want to believe anything religious, especially the Bible.


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That theory is half right, compared to the theory I believe.

I do believe the big bang or, to be specific, an origin of the universe where everything was together on one place of unknown size/density. Then, for whatever reason, it expanded/exploded. Finally, we expand to where we are now.

The universe is a cone shape, originating from where the big bang happened (I'll call it the origin). It is constantly expanding (proven fact). Stars burn out, and new stars are created (fact), but we eventually will run out of material to make stars (law of physics, matter cannot be created or destroyed). So, eventually all of the stars will burn out and we will not have the most important part of life: light.

Why is light so important to life you say? Well, that would be because every living organism is either an autotroph or heterotroph. Basically, a heterotroph will eat the autotroph for use in creating adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our body's source of energy. A huge part of ATP is the carbon. Autotrophs create ATP by taking in carbon dioxide and heat (from photosynthesis -- the important part for my point) for the carbons needed (I'm not going to describe the cycle, it takes too long). Heterotrophs use that carbon that is taken in and used by the autotrophs for their own cycle, which creates ATP. Of course that's a very, very, very simplified explanation, but what it boils down to is that life depends on light through photosynthesis to create ATP (energy we can use).

So, once all of the stars burn out, life will end. For sure. It will take billions upon billions of years, and we can actually calculate this number if we ever knew how much material it took to create a star, or where all of that necessary material is; by that time we will be either extinct or posses the technology necessary to, literally, create our own star and planet, because that's what it will take to save life in the long run. Time will always be there, but not us.


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It sounds good in theory, but once again I have to say it would make a cool movie, and that's about it. Even if scientists are dead on on this one, and some of their findings could be true, like Scuba said, this is not something the human race as we know it is going to have to worry about.


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I agree in part of what Andrew says, this is not something that the human race needs to worry about. I don't think we would be still here by that time.


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This sounds really stupid.
Sometimes I wonder if scientists just like to make up theories, and explain it in words that no one can understand, so that they can get money and fame for making a "big discovery."


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that's what a lot of scientists do.

I definitely agree with Hybrix, the human race doesn't need to worry about the end of humanity because of this, we are more likely to kill ourselves off from something liek global warming if it even exists and/or too much pollution that poisons the earth and makes us all die.