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The Unfair Life of Me


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If there was a food that you didn't like and you were forced to eat it and if you didn't or chucked, should you get punished for it (like no TV or games) please be serious, as this happens at my house all the time, you see i don't like tomato and peas, and if i ate either of them, i would spew, but when i have to stay at my step dad's son's place (stay with me here) his wife has two rules, eat what's given to you, and everybody has the same things, she has tried giving me tomato and peas before and i spewd, nad every time, i am punished (like early bed or no dessert) while, the person who caused it gets away. please reply, as i need to know if people feel the same way.


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I don't really like peas much either. Eventually I got lazy and instead of picking them out I would just eat them anyway. Lima Beans are much worse than peas though. There really isn't anything good tasting about them.

Some people just have bad reactions to certain foods. I don't think you should be forced to eat them, although I also know that neither peas or tomatoes will kill you. If you are being forced to eat them then I suggest that you eat them in very small bites at a time. That way it should be less of the taste at once and you should be able to get through it.

There's not much you can do since arguing most likely will just get you punished as well. :(


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So, wait a minute, you think your life is unfair because your over burdening parents are trying to force you to eat something you don't like? Big deal. I see nothing unfair about it.

Now, on a side note, you should be able to choose. See, there's this thing that us humans have called "free will". Why should you be punished if it's your genetic pre-disposition not to like tomatoes and peas?

Honestly, from what you said, you're not doing your part to stand up to your family and let them know that you're not a damn kid anymore. You're fifteen years old, and perfectly capable of caring for your own nutrition. Tell them that. Stand up for yourself, kid, or you're going to keep getting walked all over. You'll be eighteen and you will still be asking your mommie if you can borrow the keys to the car so you can see your girlfriend that you're afraid to tell her about because she's been overburdening. So, stand up for yourself, and learn some independence.


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So, it sounds as if your stepdad's son's wife has an old-fashioned mentality. There's nothing wrong with that in most cases, but most families have grown beyond those tortorous views.
So, what's the worst thing that can possibly happen to you? You have to eat a few things you don't like? Is that really such a bad thing when you look at the big picture?
I had to eat what was put in front of me as a kid, I didn't like it but I still did it. I believe respecting those who are providing nourishment is important. Just think of those who would love to have food to fill their belly, regardless of what it may be.


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It seems like you are making this bigger than it seems. I'm pretty sure everyone has some type of food that they don't like. For me, its beans. I tried to avoid them whenever possible but it really isn't that bad. You can make excuses all your life but in reality there are much more important things to worry about in life than eating something you really dislike.