The Undertaker Set For WWE Return?

Kevin sent this in: I live in Memphis and wanted to let you know, they aired a promo for Unforgiven, which is here in Memphis, and advertised the return of The Undertaker. Seems way too early for me, but I figured I would send it in.
I really hope he does come back that soon but I have a feeling this sounds too good to be true.

Source "Wrestling INC"


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I highly doubt he'll be back that early. At first they said around the Royal Rumble so I hope that even though I like him I hope he stays off for a few more months and makes sure he is 100% healthy instead of risking things.


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The Undertaker started training in Booker T's Wrestling Academy in Houston starting in August which is today, and he said he plans to be back around November
I really doubt it matters when he comes back I bet they will just make him show up once a month like they were doing before he got the title because they do not want to run the risk of hurting him.


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I just found this out, The Undertaker will indeed return at Unforgiven, the Unforgiven poster has the Undertaker on it and Unforgiven will revolve around Taker's return