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  1. One of the things that I've given large amounts of thought to is the idea of a unified planetary government--the abolition of nations as we know them to incorporate all humans into a unified federation. All of humanity finally united under the banner of a single, world-spanning nation. The way I see it, it is a simple, natural, inevitable last step in human social evolution, following on the heels of globalization and the ability of information technology to link people together from anywhere in the world. The history of humanity is dominated by a steady increase in the size of social groups. From family, to clan, to region, to principality, to nation. It is only natural and right that we take the next step into total unity. And when all of humanity is united under one government, and competition gives way to cooperation, the amount of progress to be seen will be astonishing. When this ultimate stage of human social evolution comes, it will usher in the most prosperous era humanity has ever seen. For this is the final necessary step for humanity to begin to spread from its earthly cradle. When all of humanity is united, with one goal, we can take in unison the step outwards from Earth and into the vast unknown reaches of space. This goal, this ultimate objective, will be achieved through a variety of means. When the spirit of unity replaces nationalism as it is destined to do, there will still inevitably be those who oppose this objective. The path to unity will be dangerous and tough, but the greatest virtue of humanity is that when a group of like-minded and determined humans sets their mind to do something, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. Unity will come, and I believe that it will come soon--within our lifetimes. Ideas are encouraged, comments are welcome, and questions are smiled upon.

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    You think unity will come . . . during a time in which people still start wars and bitch at each other over different invisible avengers in the sky? I think we are very far from unifying even small countries.

    This is at best a fantasy of future societies. Many of us are so stuck in our beliefs and resistant to change that major reform is years and years away.
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    The Yugoslavian Gambit- not going to happen for thousands of years, and we'll probably have killed ourselves by then.

    A unified government would require a suppresing of ego and a forfeit of sovreignty that contradicts human nature, and particularly nationalist fibers deeply embedded in every nation on earth.

    If petty poltics can get in the way of uniting Korea, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell of the whole world getting together.
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    Before a global government can be formed, worldwide income disparity needs to decrease. This can only be realistically done by encouraging the formation of local and sustainable economies in impoverished nations. A mixture of quality education and brilliant initiatives--such as the micro-loans we've heard so much about recently--are what we need to push such a dream forward. Furthermore, organizations like the World Bank need to seriously alter their methods of operation. It's pure insanity to offer desperately needed loans to third-world nations under the condition that they must grow crops for export regardless of whether or not they grow enough to sustain themselves. Such things only facilitate the reliance of such countries upon wealthier nations, whereas we should be helping them build strong independent economies so they can reap wealth from trade, rather then only the simple base necessities for survival.
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    This is the exact opposite way that we should be going, we should be looking for smaller political units, not larger.
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    When the spirit of unity replaces nationalism as it is destined to do, there will still inevitably be those who oppose this objective. The path to unity will be dangerous and tough.

    Anon., what happens to the nationalists when they refuse to join this community?

    I don't think vauge claims of symbiotic and collective benefits will persuade that many of the nationalist populations on earth, and it sounds like the path of human social evolution is going to plow into them like a freight train hits a Barcalounger made out of play-doh. What are we doing? Doing an unwise compromise or killing people in the name of the greater good? I'd love to throw a cultic or Nazi reference directly at you, but that would just be overly generic for Internet conversation.

    following on the heels of globalization and the ability of information technology to link people together from anywhere in the world.

    Globalization has had, at best, a mixed effect on global unity and economic disparity. Information technology is more promising, but I don't think it's only doing steady progress in breaking down some of the more tenuous cultural barriers. It'll eventually reach its peak in the decades to come, but that won't translate into everything being amalgamated together.

    The newer breakoff of traditional microfinance that's been around for thirty odd years, crowdfunding, like that used by Kiva
    has shown to be both very feasible on a micro scale and uses a mix of layman enthusiasm and first world pocket change to increase the connection for poverty reduction in third world countries. It's essientally eBay for microfinance, local banks operating in a certain region post up applications for loans, which are then filled up according to user interest and their belief in the soundness of the person's plan in increments of 25$. Usually maybe 25 investors can get together for a 1,200 dollar loan. Nobody gets pinched that bad, they all eventually get their money back (and can keep it or just reinvest it again) within 6-16 months. I got 75$ of my own money from a PayPal account (much nicer than doing it via a direct bank account or a credit card I don't possess) in three Samoan entrepeneurs, two in cooking/food sales and one in agriculture. They all got selected for being in Kiva because they're responsible, female (statistically a benefit, women have been proven to pay back faster and have a much lower default rate) and have good plans for money. I don't expect my money back anytime soon, but it's nice to know I've done something beyond charity.

    It's a promising start. If we see this x1000 I think poverty in several of the stable third world regions will find a grassroots economic benefit.
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    Introduce an Alien race .. if we have to represent our planet in a galactic union we will be forced to operate as a single people .. human kind .. nations would still exist .. borders still exist .. local languages, local currency ect .. what would change is we would have to represent ourselves as a sentient life form that is intelligent enough to maintain our own planet & population without outside intervention being needed ..

    I feel its our presumption that we are @ liberty to destroy the planet & each other unfettered .. that is holding us back .. being held accountable by an outside force capable of obliterating us or subjugating us .. would be an excellent kick in the pants .. IMo
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    Watch this video:

    I was listening to that song when I read this...I thought it was fitting.

    (Going on)

    Who would rule? Would there be a council? What kind of government would it be? Would the people have any say or would it be a strict dictatorship?

    To be honest, I don't like government, and the idea of the whole planet being controlled by one person or a group of people is disgusting to me.

    Btw, I think the following was the best part of ur whole speal:

    (Going on)

    Interesting...its been awhile since I found ur words intellectual....
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    Human nature won't allow this except in an Orwellian scenario.
  10. wylde, that's a very nice song. I'm listening to it now. So, I'll clarify here. I definitely agree that the economic situation in third-world countries needs to vastly improve as part of this process. I have very little understanding of economic matters, though, so the specifics are somewhat beyond me. I disagree strongly, though, with Tuckerite's assertion that smaller political units are the way to go. In my opinion, that would just prolong conflicts between different areas. Now, if there are areas with a nationalist majority who decide against joining this, the best course, in my opinion, is to simply leave them alone. Hopefully, they'll eventually change their mind, and if not, the last thing that should be done is military action. We can see from Iraq how badly an occupation would go in an area where majority sentiment is against you. Chinup, I hope this gets accomplished before we make contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial race, though that would certainly provide a lot of impetus for unification. As for the type of government, I favor liberal republican democracy, with a Heinleinian twist--read Starship Troopers to get what I'm talking about. Now, some people have expressed concern about whether or not human nature will allow all humans to be unified. I believe that it is. Believing the alternative would simply drive me insane.

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