The Ultimate Male vs. Female Question

What causes the most pain?

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Alright ladies and gentlemen lets settle this and now. I always have this debate with my friends now lets see how it turns out on GF. What causes most pain? A female having a baby naturally(caesarean section not included) vs a male getting severly hit in the private area?? Some people might find this a weird question but I like to start different type of discussions.


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Well of course women are going to say childbirth, and men are going to say getting hit in the balls, because there is no way of knowing the pain endured by the other gender.


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It's 2 different pains...

I do think the imidate pain from getting hit down there incredible hard. is "higher"
But due to the length of the birth i'd say it's way harder.

if that made sense


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Well it's my educated estimation that Bliss should STFU and GTFO.

I would hazzard a guess and say a woman giving child birth. I mean... it's a human coming out of you... what could be worse pain wise?

No one is going to know because no one has both parts, except me apparently. :shifteyes:
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Much as I'd like to emphasize the pain of getting hoofed in the nads, I'm afraid there's something about urinating a human child for a couple hours that seems much more horrifying...


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I mean... it's a human coming out of you... what could be worse pain wise?
An alien coming out of you...? :lol:

There's a lot of variables. So many pregnancies are easier or worse than others due to factors such as the size of the baby, the direction its facing, etc. The same goes for being kicked. Who's doing it - a 5 year old who's throwing a tantrum, or a trained martial artist? Is it by someone who's barefoot, wearing tennis shoes, or wearing steel toed boots?