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Movies The Twlight Zone



I really like this show. Some of it's episodes can be really interesting. So i'm wondering how do you guys feel about this show. I think this show is very exciting and it teaches a lot of lessons to people.

Anonym0uz Bitch

The Twlight Zone was the shit, VERY good episodes, that made you think, if you can relate to back in the day.

A.M. Radio

I'm a huge fan of the series. Any Twilight Zone series. Except for the most recent version of the Twilight Zone, it was lacking. At least the Eighties version had well written stories. And an amazing opening title sequence.

While I agree that the show could make you think, I kinda wish it would stick to a philosophy. While we have episodes like "The Monsters are due on Maple Street" which is about how our cold war era paranoia may lead to the death of us all, we also have episodes like "To Serve Man" where the paranoid are proven right.

Granted, I understand that not every episode needs a philosophy. They just need wierd stuff for thirty minutes of so. But when it does, you sometimes have conflict. Of course, something people forget are the simple, sweet natured episodes. Like the one I saw with a robotic nanny or something. A bit strange, but ultimately just a nice little story. And who can forget "Night of the Meek?"

Night of the Meek is probably my favorite episode, because, well, it's about a man who becomes Santa Clause. I've always wanted to be Santa Clause.

Laharl ex

I didn't the newer one. I've was more of a Outlimits person. The classics are great though. Fun watching actors who later play on Star Trek and such.