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Yes, X-Files fans will know what I mean by that. :)

So do you think life exists on other planets? Considering that from what we know of the universe, there are other stars similar to the sun that have planets orbiting them. (Or how can we really know?)

We have theories and guesses, but will we ever be able to really know how big the universe is? Does it go on infinitely? Does it "loop"? Meaning, if you get to the edge of it are you back at the other side?

And furthermore, if the size of the universe is ever known, would it be possible to find out if there is anything else past the edge of the universe?

As for other life being out there, I don't see any reason to rule it out. I also don't see any reason to assume it's there either.
Is this because of the doritos thread? i think so.

Anywho, I think there are other inhabited worlds for a very cliche reason:


infinite space (might=) infinite planets

infinite planets=infinite probability of another inhabited one.



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Space the final frontier....Ooops sorry.

I believe that there other life forms out there, if not that's one big waste of space.

I think other races have tried to make contact but we misinterpret what we are seeing and dismiss it as a prank or just let it go cause some peoples minds can't wrap themselves around the idea that there is alien life out there.

As to how far the universe goes who knows..i would imagine that you couldn't travel the distance to find out..It would take several life times to find out.

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Interesting idea Nightsurfer. What types of coincidences would you say might have been outside attempts at contacting earth?


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Well there is Roswell for starters, Then there is the Phoenix event with the floating lights, as well as the Vatican lights UFO.

Think about some of the strange things in our history..We have been constantly visited over the years.
Some even say that the Bible has a picture of a space ship in one of it's pictures..(I'll have to find the article on that one)

Fate magazine does several write ups on the subject of visitation..

But think about this..What do we do when something we don't know enters our air space?
We employ hostile contact engagement rules and Blow it out of the sky.

There even some who say that we are a left over experiment that has been watch and cultivated to get where we are..Look at how fast we have come in so little time..Ever since Roswell our tech has boomed and jumped by leaps and bounds..

So to say we haven't been visited or there is no life out there is entirely wrong..

I'm looking for the Fate articles to further what I am saying..

Here is the link to Fate: FATE Magazine :: True Reports of the Strange and Unknown
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Yes, I believe there's life out there somewhere. There's hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy, and trillions of stars beyond that. I'd say it's almost mathematically impossible that there ISN'T a planet somewhere with life on it. I'm guessing there's billions of planets just like Earth where life has taken hold and evolved intelligent species.

It's likely that many of these intelligent species make humans look very primitive by comparison. When you consider that they may have existed for billions of years (compared to the 200,000 years or so for humans), the possibility of them having the technology to travel the universe and visit Earth is very real.
I'd hate to think we were all alone in the universe, how lonely would that be?
On the other hand, it's difficult to wrap my mind around the idea of "others" out there, the thought scares the crap outta me.
I had an ant farm when I was a kid, and I use to look at it and wonder if someone out there was watching the earth the same way I was was watching those ants.


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Who was it who said: "If we're the only intelligent life form in an infinite universe then it's an awfully big waste of space, don't you think?"


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No. I don't think that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

I don't think that it's impossible, I just don't think that it's there.

If there is life out there than I believe it is excedingly rare.

My reasoning:

We know that life can exist on Earth. Hopefully there is no disagreement in that regard.

Also, as far as we can tell, all life on Earth today, and all life that has ever called Earth home, has decended from one single common ancestor which arose some 4 bya, give or take.

Now, if life is so common that it can supposedly arise on billions of planets all over the universe whose suitability for life we know nothing about - then why is it that on the one planet where we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that life can arise it's only done so once?

Finally, if there is life out there somewhere I don't think we'll ever encounter it. The distances involved are just so vast and the dificulties of traversing those distances so immense that they're simply prohibitive.

Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am, but I see no reason for the enthusiasm and certainty some show in the belief in extraterestrial life.


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Well nobody said we are assuming there are billions of planets out there that have life. Technically the question "Is there other intelligent life out there" would be answered "yes" if even one other planet ANYWHERE in the universe had intelligent life. At this point who knows.

But here's an interesting thought. There is no friction when traveling in space. Once you leave the earth's atmosphere (from my understanding) you could essentially travel as fast as your spaceship could go without running the risk of burning up in space. The only thing you'd have to watch out for would be meteors, and other floating objects. Perhpaps auto-pilot technology could be adapted to navigate such objects at high speeds? Who knows.

I think the key would be in creating a spaceship that was almost primarily dependent on solar power, or some sort of extremely compact energy source/solar power combination. Taking hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel on board would be way to risky. Until an alternate power source is discovered or invented I don't foresee space travel being very possible.

Once it is more readily available though, I wouldn't be surprised if we could travel great distances in fractions of the time the same distance could be traveled within Earth's atmosphere.