The Truth Behind Hybrix's $4,000 loan...


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Andrew Hybrixson is the founder and owner of a well loved internet forum. He spends his days and nights maintaining the site, spreading the love and sorting out any problems. However there is a lot more to to this supposed "gentle soul" than meets the eye.

He recently took out a $4000 loan and announced to the members that it would be used to buy a greater server. The community rejoiced:

"No more staggered Youtube profile videos!"

"No more threads crashing before creation!"

"No more database errors!"

For a time, things were good. The promise of the new server opened their hearts but more importantly their wallets. The GFers donated like never before to aid their "loyal" master. People began to know him as "Andrew: Bringer of speed, Killer of Database errors". A parade was organised in his honor to take place a month later, but life is a cruel game and sometimes trust is mislaid.

The speed of the forum did not improve, in fact it was slower than ever. One user had just joined the forum only to have his 8 page introduction thread wiped out before anyone could read it. He saw this as a sign of rejection and took his own life that evening. One veteran member had to have his finger removed after clicking the refresh button to excess. Nurses report that that when they were checking on him the night after his operation he was sitting in his boxers, staring at his mangled hand and constantly screaming the same 2 words over and over: "DATABASE" and "ERRORS". The forum itself was in a bad way, nobody Lol'd anymore, Reps became negs.... times were hard.

The members began to lose hope and Andrew was hardly ever around. What had he done with all that money? And then one member stumbled across the shocking truth.
He was building his very own Mecha Lolzilla. With a beast so powerful the world would surely be his but it wasn't too late. The member took it upon himself to stop Andrew before he could ever activate his monster. Andrew was set to attend the parade in his own honor and the member knew what must be done. Taking position behind the Grassy LOL with his sniper rifle, the member waited and waited. Andrews car was driving through the parade *BANG* it was over. The members were confused, why had their leader been gunned down? only one knew the truth. Or so he thought.

The autopsy revealed that the Andrew Hybrixson that was assassinated was actually a Gopher in a rubber mask. The member had been owned. The Mecha Lolzilla was a trick, set up to disguise the real truth. Andrew knew that the knowledge of a Mecha Lolzilla would force the member to take him out. By allowing this to happen he could succesfully fake his own death and use the money for it's true purpose.
Andrew Hybrixson had one of the most succesful sex changes ever and went on star in a whole host of mediocre Tv series and films as...



It's not me, it's you.
I repped you and said that I lol'd...but truthfully it was me covering my mouth to stifle the fit of giggles so that my coworkers would not hear.


Creeping On You
I heard a song by her in my coworkers van on the radio. I thought her voice sounded kinda raspy actually. How is she famous when her voice is raspy?!