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Scary The true threat of COVID-19


not a plastic bag
I found the timing very interesting. People protesting they want to go back to work? They’re going to spread the virus!! People protesting a horrible cop killing the guy? Well, if you’re asymptomatic, you’re not going to spread it anyway.

Edit: Wasn’t there a bunch of protests about a month ago? By a group of people who wanted to go back to work? Didn’t people on here say the numbers were going to spike? So why didn’t it?

We opened up here in Texas on May 1. It’s been over a month. Our numbers have gone up, but because we’re testing more. The rate of positive findings haven’t gone up. Why not?
I've been called a science denier my whole life because I don't think man made global warming is that big of a deal and I believe in Intelligent Design.
These same people couldn't look at SARS-1 and the data on the ground and predict what SARS-2 would do. And censored any scientist with a different view.
Who is the science denier now?


Son of Liberty
I’ve been called the same thing. By people who don’t think a fetus is human and there are 340 genders, and can’t decide which bathroom to use.

This reminds me of the climate change arguments. It doesn’t matter what the science says, they stick to their opinions regardless. It doesn’t matter that the science says it’s not as bad as originally predicted, they will still claim the sky is falling. And call you a denier, for believing what the stats actually say.


.03 to 4% death rate on 4.4% of the general population. Well if it's .03%, in league with the flue and only twice as infectious that's still not good, but should be manageable, but clearly, given how severely this virus has hit countries that didn't see it coming (Like Italy) a slight uptick in hospital admissions is not at all what they encountered. I'm not arguing that asymptomatic people are less likely to spread this or any virus than people who are coughing and shit, that's not rocket science, but what is "rare"? Rare as compared to what? A bunch of symptomatic sick people spreading sputum everywhere they go?

As for testing, it's unreliable at detecting COVID-19 antibodies so it is likely safe to assume that many more people are infected than the numbers suggest. Sure, that brings the mortality numbers as a ratio even lower. But this virus has already killed many more people than the common flu day for day comparing with last flu season. Factoring in the likelihood of many false negatives and the odd misreporting of deaths being blamed on COVID-19, and the numbers reported by the evening news of infection and mortality rates (suggesting around 5%ish mortality), I can't possibly see the mortality rate being much less than 3%, not .03% (And that's giving the benefit of the doubt to the COVID-19 skeptics). To ballpark it much lower would suggest misreporting on a scale consistent with one of many conspiracy theories, or that a huge portion of the general population are already infected and are walking around asymptomatic. If either of those two situations are the case, and can be evidenced, then I will consider the possibility that this virus is no more dangerous than the common flu. Until then, I think it prudent to err on the side of caution.


Son of Liberty
Italy had the oldest population in Europe and their nursing homes were hit very hard. Using them as an example to try and state COVID is thus very lethal is anecdotal. Everybody agrees it’s especially hard on older people, especially if they have preexisting conditions, which most older people do.