The Total Gym will kick your butt!


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Anybody ever used one of these? (The one that Chuck Noris promotes)

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I have one from several years ago and I have been using it lately. I am definitely a believer in this thing. If you do it right you will have your butt handed to you in no time.

I generally workout using this Total Gym I have followed by some pull-ups, push-ups, and every once in a while some running.

The Total Gym definitely kicks my butt the most out of all of the things I do. It is such a good feeling though once you are done. Not being able to move after a workout is an awesome feeling simply because you know that you are doing something right. :)

Anybody else use a Total Gym ever?


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I have one in my basement. I need to use it more. You are right it can kick you butt. I used with too much of my bodyweight, and paid for it for a couple of days. I have been trying to do more walking because then I get out of the house.


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Get a used one. The one I use was actually just around a few hundred dollars. I think it was under $200 used.

The new ones aren't all that much better and they cost into the $1,000+ range. I figure if Chuck Norris was ripped back in the 1990's then the one I have can probably get the job done. :D


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Ya, i have a total gym in my workout room, it is pretty good for working out, you can work out almost all of your muscles on it. Except the some of the exercises on the total gym are too easy even when you are on the hardest difficulty level.


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I have the really old version with 2 tracks instead of one big one, I like it though, it's good pullup training though when you slide the bar in there and add on a lot of weight, eventually on level 6 (the hardest difficulty level on mine) you can make it harder than a pullup.
I have really always wanted to be gutsy and spend the money on a machine like that, but its so hard. If you don't use it then it is just a waste of money right?


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I'd rather use BowFlex, it looks WAY better an less time to actually put together than this would. Plus, the results on Bowflex is easier to see and notice when you use it over and over again.