the top 5 best dunkers today.



my top 5 dukers:

vince carter
LeBron james
jason richardson
desmond mason
kobe bryant

some of u may not agree but this is my opinion


Aw, Here It Goes!
My Top 5:

Vince Carter(Do I really have to explain this pick)
Jason Richardson(Two-time Slam Dunk Champ nuff said)
Desmond Mason(Won The Best Slam Dunk Competition IMO)
Andre Iguodala(Still new to the NBA and among the best dunkers)
LeBron James(We all know he can dunk Delonte West and Damon Jones know he can dunk)


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Vince Carter
Desmond Mason
LeBron James
Andre Igudola
Josh Smith

T'here's a lot more but this is my top five.

j rich

Wel number one has gota be vince but only cos of wat he did this season then next up would probly have to be lebon james because of how easily he can finnish and how high he gets hes has also improved alot on his 2 foot jumping. number 3 is definitley iquadala he has sone so many good dunks in such a short amount of time and the show he put on in this years allstar weekend was amazing. Number 4 is kobe bryant he can still through down some amazing dunks but he isnt as explosive as he was in his younger days and finnaly 5 is gerald green because of the amount of potential he has. The dunks he got at the end of the season were amazing and he didnt even get that much court time.


Vince Carter is 30 next season....he has past his prime...

James White
Josh Smith
Geral Green


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Wow your a really big Vince Carter hater my friend, I haven't seen anyone say so much bad things about it, but eh it's your opinion, but I still think he'll have the top 3 out of five plays of the year next season he just does amazing dunks and everyone knows that he is still the best even if he doesn't say it. Also he just began is prime.


Shakist said:
Desmond Mason(Won The Best Slam Dunk Competition IMO)
The 2001 Slam Dunk Contest was the best?

Here's my top 5:

1. Vince Carter (All-time best and still half man half amazing and off course my favourite player)
2. Josh Smith (I think the best performence in the Dunk Contest since VC and he's a powerfull dunker)
3. Desmond Mason (The best dunk in the SDC IMO (between the legs))
4. J-Rich (2 times SDC Champ)
5. Gerald Green (Great McDonald's Dunk Contest in 2005 and he can jump very high)

Why not:
LeBron (Not creative enough)
James White (I haven't seen him in the NBA yet)
Iguodala (Because it's a top 5 and not a top 6 :p)
Kobe (He has missed some dunks and he's the most selfish player ever, I just don't like him)


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I don't really think Jason Richardson should be in the Top five I think there's a lot more better dunkers in the NBA then him, and Mason got robbed in 2001. Also I think if James White enters the dunk competetion next season he'll probably win the competetion, he was regarded as good as Vince Carter in high school.