The Top 10 Most Controversial Games Of All Time

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Ryuk, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Ryuk

    Ryuk Registered Member

    As per Yahoo: Controversial Games - Controversial Games - Yahoo! Games

    To be honest I had no idea about the Little Big Planet controversy, also I think a few notables like Night Trap and Splatterhouse deserves honorable mentions (albeit any controversy surrounding Splatterhouse didn't really get excessive compared to the others listed).

  2. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    Resident Evil 5? Seriously? There is no controversey. The racism beehive was started up by some half-witted Newsweek Journalist who saw one trailer and decided the game was racist not knowing that the game took place in Africa.

    You know, recent studies show that there are a fair amount of dark skinned folk in Africa. But that's just my racist side using numbers and logic again I guess. Not to mention, no one cared in Resident Evil 4 when Spaniards were getting slaughtered or the first three when white Americans were getting decapitated.

    Doom and Mortal Kombat are definitely good choices though.
  3. Shwa

    Shwa Gay As Fuck V.I.P. Lifetime

    Agreed, when the first trailer for RE 5 came out it was only like 1:30 seconds long and skipped a lot of important features which were still under construction. The main face that it only showed Chris Redfeild (a white guy) shooting a lot of Africans started the whole racist thing which was totally uncalled for in the first place.

    Not only that, it delayed its original release date like 3 times, not cool.

  4. Major

    Major 4 legs good 2 legs bad V.I.P.

    I've only played a couple of those games. I never heard about any of the controversy for a lot of them. I'm surprised there's only one Grand Theft Auto on the list.
  5. Xeilo

    Xeilo Registered Member V.I.P. Lifetime

    I am still sick of seeing that Resident Evil 5 is still getting crap about having black zombies, can't wait to actually play it myself.
  6. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    They're portrayed pretty well as victims. Not to mention, they're not all black either. Even the main characters make comments here and there about how evil it is to infect them like this. The story exposes a series of events that basically involves the natives being taken advantage of by a big company. Basically meaning, rather than pissing racial rights groups off, they'll probably sprout stiffies as stories of "The Man" seem pretty popular.
  7. AnitaKnapp

    AnitaKnapp It's not me, it's you. V.I.P. Lifetime

    I've got RE5 but I haven't played it yet.

    Haha, I totally want that postal game. I'll have to see if I can find it.
  8. Ryuk

    Ryuk Registered Member

    Agreed 150%, the problem being that it doesn't change the fact that there were some PC jackasses who made a major issue of things.
  9. micfranklin

    micfranklin Eviscerator

    No surprise that GTA San Andreas and Manhunt are on that list, Resistance kinda comes as a surprise albeit a stupid reason to cause controversy. The Resident Evil one just seemed like some Jack Thomson clone trying to start something and get his 15 minutes of shame.

    Only reason that's not that bad is because Al Sharpton isn't about to incite a riot over it.
  10. fleinn

    fleinn 101010

    I'm prejudiced against bigoted white sensationalist idiots - does that make me a racist?

    Anyway - LBP didn't actually raise the "ire of the muslim world", though. Some Sony operative in "quality" assurance got wind of the game having a quote from the Quran in one of the songs in the soundtrack - after the game had actually passed Q&A and was in the stores. And they panicked enough to recall the entire first batch, and put the game through Q&A again. Because they were afraid of the muslim world going bonkers. Or alternatively, because some moron asshole insisted that the mooslim world would go bonkers if they found out there were quotes from the bishmillah in the game.

    Apparently the words "mixing the quran and music is offensive to muslims" was written on Sony's forums as well, and kotaku believes that was the actual muslim hordes that were offended.

    So they delayed the game for about two weeks right before Christmas, reacting instantly. But will the motherfuckers get off their asses and fix any thousand of the outstanding issues with the firmware or the Playstation Store? Of course not. They evidently have better things to do.

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