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The Top 10 Greatest WWE Champions


aka ginger warlock
For years the WWE Championship has been contested over, for a lot of people that I have spoken to either face to face on forums or on youtube the WWE Championship is the true title as the World Heavyweight Title is very rarely put on the line outside of the United States.

Below is a list of the title holders, they are put in order not of me wanting to influence your opinion just how it is shown on Wikipedia but based on the list below who would you say is the greatest? Does a length of title reign or indeed the number of reigns even matter to you? Does the title have as much reflection of how good someone actually is?

1. John Cena - Reigns 8
2. Triple H - Reigns 8
3. The Rock - Reigns 7
4. Hulk Hogan - Reigns 6
5. Steve Austin - Reigns 6
6. Randy Orton - Reigns 6
7. Bret Hart - Reigns 5
8. Kurt Angle - Reigns 4
9. The Undertaker - Reigns 4
10. Edge - Reigns 4


Registered Member
There's many ways that you can define the greatest WWE Champion ever. Whether it be by total number of times held, or how long it was actually held for.

Bruno Sammartino held the title for 2,803 which is over 7 years. That's a record. He then went on to win it a second time 10-years after his first title and held it for another 1,237 years. He held the "WWE" Championship for roughly 11-years.

Hulk Hogan (2,185 total days and 6 different title reigns) and Bob Backlund (2,138 and 2 reigns) both held the titles for almost 6-years each.

You can do it by how many titles, but if someones going to lose the title and win it back a month later because of a storyline, they definitely don't deserve to be on that list.

My list..

1. Bruno Sammartino
2. Hulk Hogan
3. Triple H
4. Steve Austin
5. Bob Backlund
6. Shawn Michaels
7. The Rock
8. Bret Hart
9. The Undertaker
10. Pedro Morales

Everyones top 10 will be different though. Will most people have Bruno, Backlund and Morales? Probably not. But it's hard to deny what they did in their Eras.

Someone may want the Ultimate Warrior in there or Orton or Savage. It's just going to depend on the person.