TV The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien

Conan's first show as host of the Tonight Show was tonight, and so far it seems to have answered some questions people might have had.

The main concern I have heard since his takeover was announced was whether he would keep his 'zany' sense of humor, or if he would have to tone it down for the broader audience the new time slot would bring. He seemed to keep his same style, which is great news if you liked him, but not so much if you were hoping he would 'mature' a bit.

Also of note is his new studio is located in Universal Studios, which means he now has tons of resources at his disposal, which was awesomely shown when he took over as tour guide on the Universal Studios tour and ran with it.

I would say that his first show was fantastic, but that really isn't that surprising to me. He has stated over the past few weeks that he wasn't going to change how he did things, but it was nice to see it for myself.

Anyone else want to weigh in?


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I liked it! Even though he said he wouldn't change, I was under the assumption that he had to and it wasn't under his control. Of course there's no Masturbating Bear, but that's okay. When he did the intro skit where he's running across the country, and gets back and forgot his keys, and just gets the bulldozer thing, that's when I knew that he probably didn't change. Then during the monologue, he did some random dance.

Then he took over the tram tours and showed off his awesome car.

Overall I liked it! But we still have to see how it goes, and if his zany style remains because if the network doesn't like it, then they might ask him to change it after a week or so.

But so far so good!


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I missed the first show but i caught the second one with tom hanks and i thought it was excellent! ive always like conan and i like how he hasnt changed himself too much, i dont think hes too worried about how he looks compared to jay leno which is awesome, i think he will do just fine with the show.


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I love Conan and I'm so proud of him for this promotion he got. I've never liked Jay Leno, and so I always avoided The Tonight Show and tuned into Late Night. It seems weird now that I'm watching The Tonight Show and avoiding Late Night (I don't like Fallon, either).

It was a special moment for me when I saw Conan and Andy and Max together again. There was talk a while ago that Max would not be coming to The Tonight Show and as we all know Andy left Late Night. So to see the three of them together, knowing it's going to be a regular thing was great.
I'm missing Jay Leno. If I stayed up late, I knew that I could always turn on Jay Leno for a laugh before bed. Now, that he's gone till September I'm getting withdraw.

Conan, David, Jimmy, the other Jimmy are just not my type of humor. I don't have cable right now so I'm missing out on Stephen and the others. =P