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the thing I don't understand about conservatives (liberals) is..


Son of Liberty
I’m not a fan of Trump putting his family in positions of power either, but to compare that to using the IRS to harass people, and now finding out the DOJ lied to a FISA court makes the Obama administration worse than Grants, which historically was the most corrupt. In Grants defense, he was a soldier and not a politician, and he was taken advantage of by his cabinet. Can’t say the same for Obama.


Registered Member
Make excuses. I'm not excusing Obama. As for lies, listen to Trump for 5 minutes and hear 22 lies. The man seems incapable of telling the truth. He appoints nitwits to positions of power, clearly has no idea what he is doing and plays "who's got the bigger button games" while talking about making the US into a place where we have military parades to show off our might.

He enriches himself at tax payer expense. he appoints non-qualified family members to positions of power. He would use the IRS and DOJ like Obama, but he's too stupid and ill informed on how our government works. He has situation room meetings as his restort with guests taking photos and videos. He tweets during national security briefings from an unsecured phone. He is an abomination.

He is not fit to catch dogs.


not a plastic bag
Stupidity and corruption are 2 different things. Fast and furious guns have been used all over the world. That was done illegally to make a point about gun control. Nothing compares to that.


Son of Liberty
Those aren’t excuses, you’re stating nothing but opinions. I don’t care if you think Trump is stupid, I only care about facts. Factually there’s been no conclusive proof of wrongdoing, not the same with Obama. Sorry.

And I know, you think it’s because I’m allegedly a Trump supporter, which is false.