The Terminator comes to WWE?


Sultan of Swat
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- Should new WWE signee Ryan "Ryback" Reeves get called up to the main roster, it may be under a "Terminator" gimmick. During his most recent stint in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the 6'4", 280 pound wrestler did a "Terminator" gimmick where he's billed from "The Future." He sports a leather vest and wears contact lenses where one eye is red and one eye is blue. Also, the movie's theme song was his personal theme song in OVW. Reeves nabbed his WWE developmental deal back this past week after WWE's recent talent evaluation in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Source: The Wrestling-Edge

What would think if the WWE did call up Ryback and gave him the Terminator gimmick, do you think it would work?
Vladimir should have gotten this gimmick instead. He already has the personality, stance, build and moves for it.

I sense a wrestler making a joke about "if you came from the future, then you would already know you're going to lose this match." sort of thing. :D