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I'm a huge Tea person; I love the process of making teas and I love the benefits. What are everyone thought on having Tea? Do you like only a certain kind.

Just to start where I live there is a place called Teavana. I love there Tea's. My favortie is a White Tea called Snow Geisha


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I don't drink much tea, unless you count iced tea (nestea, lipton). We have a box of different flavored teas here at home for guests. Once, if I really need it, I would take the chamomile tisane to relax.


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Nestea and Lipton don't really count. They've got so much extra stuff in them that they may as well just be Tea-flavored soda.


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I like english tea, I don't drink it very often and definetly no milk, maybe a half sugar to sweeten it up a little.
I prefer mint tea than traditional tea do they count?
I use to drink tea all the time, not quite sure why I quit. The only flavors I wasn't very fond of were the berries and chamomile.


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I drink tons and tons of Tazo Black Tea. Hot or Iced, I love 'em both. At work I make sun tea about every other day in my big glass jug. The Tazo iced tea packets make it real easy, they are built to make 2 quart sized servings so It works out generally perfect for my gallon jug.

If I'm going hot tea I love real strong Earl Grey. Double Bergemont (Sp?), or just standard is awesome. Usually I dont like those chamomilles, they are to fruity for me.


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As a kid I'd drink a lot of tea because I wanted to be like the adults who drank coffee, and since I disliked coffee I had a good excuse for having tea, which of course was filled with sugar!

I like tea, with lemon and honey but these days I stay away from caffine type drinks and if I fancy a tea will take the fruity infusions that don't have caffine in them.
My favourite tea is chai masala (sp?) spicey but really good.