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    I get tired of people misunderstanding the Tea Party. It is not an us vs them issue. Many Conservatives are fuggin tired of the Republican Party (if not more the the Democrats) because they have abandoned conservative principles and move toward big government principles... Many main stream center right American citizens feel stuck between two big government parties and frankly they are tired of it.

    As a member of the Tea Party movement I want to clarify what the Tea Party is.

    1. We are tired of the elitist mentality in Washington. This goes for both parties. Myself and many of the Tea Partiers were livid at the fact that Lisa Murkowski can not accept the defeat she suffered in Alaska and wont step down. This is the exact elitist "We deserve to be here" attitude the Tea Partiers are tired of in Washington. This goes for both parties.

    2. Stop taxing us to death. As a lower middle class income earner almost a quarter of my income goes to the government. Then they spend it on stupid shit that the American people blatantly DO NOT want i.e. Health Care reform.

    3. We are not a nation of Democrats or Republicans, we are a nation of Americans and we need to stand up together regardless of party. Both parties are corrupt and this goes back to issue number one... we need to clean out Washington and get real Americans in Washington that will LIMIT government and get rid of entrenched politicians. This is what you are seeing across the nation right now with a good number of incumbents getting thrown out on their ass (in both parties).

    4. Real Americans want America.... not just one Issue. The Tea Party symbolizes the America our grandparents had and what our soldiers have fought for in past wars. America is supposed to be the opposite of the bureaucratic nightmare we have today which spends money it doesn't have. They take away our rights and to pay off the masses with welfare and threats of punishing those they're jealous of (Big business). Threats and intimidation through the unchecked power of big government is not America!

    5. We respect the Constitution and interpret it literally the way it was written. We want it back the way it was intended... to limit big government. The Constitution was written to limit Government and to protect ALL Americans from abusive Government. Big Government has turned it into a document that limits the citizens... and that was NEVER the intent of the founders. When the government goes outside the guard rails of the Constitution... where do they stop?

    This is what the Tea Party is... it's not Republicans vs. Democrats. I hate them both :mad:
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    It's good to know where you are coming from, and I am glad there are Tea Party people like you, who don't just hate Obama because he allegedly is a Muslim, "hates God", "hates America", because his plans are "socialism", or simply because he is liberal -- your energy is not directed against a particular administration, but against an increasingly corrupt system in general.

    I respect that and agree, something has to change, because the biggest of big governments that Bush started and Obama continued cannot be tolerated any longer.

    But I'm not sure you can really speak for the Tea Party in general. My impression is that very different people with very different backgrounds, concerns and opinions have gathered under this banner. Some are outright nuts who throw around words they don't even know what they mean ("socialism", comparison of Obama with Hitler, etc.), but even more are probably just Republican-leaning people who hate the Democrats, and especially Obama, because they perceive him as liberal -- but they will vote for any Republican, even if his plans for big government are much worse than anything Obama does, and they didn't have the slightest problem with excessive expansion of executive power under Bush.

    Those people are hypocrites: They say "small government", but have no problem with big government whatsoever, as long as it's a Republican (or maybe a particular brand of arch-conservative rightist Republican) doing it.

    It's really hard for me to estimate how many they are within the Tea Parties. But at least they seem rather vocal. And when you see how they adore Sarah Palin and even the most stupid and idiotic polemics and talking points against Obama, you get the impression they are the "real" Tea Party -- they are not fed up with a corrupt system. They are just angry good King George is no longer in office, because only good Christian conservatives may blatantly violate civil and human rights; such violations are only bad in their eyes, when it's a liberal atheist Muslim n*gger doing that.

    At least that's my impression. I may be wrong.
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    One simple question then:

    Why do you constantly allow obvious extremists like Beck, Palin, etc. to latch onto your cause? Don't you think they're just ruining it since with those kinds of names attached, people are just going to think you're all neocons pretending to be something else?
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    I consider myself an originalist, someone who believes in the original intent of the Constitution. I don't call myself a Democrat or Republican, in fact I don't believe in party affiliation. Most oftentimes though that means I end up voting Republican because those on the conservative side are most likely to believe in limited government. The problem I have with Palin being involved with the Tea Party I start to assume many of those in the Party think like her, that is they say they believe in certain things yet don't really know what that means.

    As a talk show host I have no problem with Beck. I may not always agree with what he says but like the point I made in another thread about different perspectives, he provides one that people should at least consider at times. But when he became as involved with the Tea Party as he is, I agree with you, he kind of ruined it for me.

    EDIT: I'll give an example. Many times we hear people say "government regulation" and "less government intrusion" and as Pro said here, the country our grandparents had. But what do they mean by regulation? Do they mean such Acts such as the Community Reinvestment Act where the government created an artificial demand for houses and thus contributed to the housing bubble popping? Or do they mean we shouldn't have the Securities and Exchange Act and let the rich take advantage of those that are not? Does that mean we shouldn't have Child-Labor Laws? No overtime pay? No paid vacations? What exactly do they mean when they complain about regulation?

    They just repeat these talking points over and over yet never explain exactly what they mean.
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    I think you're a little ahead of the game.

    Phase 1 of the TeaParty was about stopping or slowing the pace of government. Town hall meetings, protest, contacting Congress and of course getting new leadership in. Phase 2 will be about the specific ideas. It doesn't matter if the TeaParty gets the Senate and the House, nothing is going to get done over the next 2 years with Obama in power. 2011 and 2012 will be the years the TeaParty hashes out a lot of these decisions. The popularity and power of the movement will never be stronger than it is right now. When you start talking about consolidating the Marines into the Navy and the Air Force into the Army and doing away with entire executive departments, you will lose people quickly.

    I understand where you are coming from, but I think the TeaParty has wisely moved slowly on the specifics.

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