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The Tattoo Thread


New Member
SoberJaysFan said:
Awesome ink Sabby. The Jays one is dope. I might copy you and get a scorpion on my back (I'm a scorpio).

Thanks buddy! Good idea. For me, I try and think of A) cool designs and B) places on my body that hopefully won't sag too much when I'm an old man.


Registered Member
I don't really have LAWRIE 13 tattooed on me :p Tattoos aren't really my thing. I don't dislike them or think they're dumb, I just don't want something permanently affixed to me to like that.


rainbow 11!
I don't have any, but I want some. I have a ton of ideas, it's just a matter of drawing them up and getting the money together. I doubt I'll get any until I have a place of my own, though.
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