The Sucky People Thread


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Basically, we list a kind of people that suck.

People that expect results from working out in just 2 weeks.

People that go 5 under in the left lane.


People with 534589243598435981379 bumper stickers.
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People who...
- think its cool to be mean to other people.
- try to push their beliefs on other people.
- think they're right about something, when they don't have any proof.
- make assumptions, and don't bother checking to be sure of it.
- cheat in multiplayer games.

Internet people who...
- have usernames with hundreds of random numbers, or unnecessary underscores.
- deliberately make posts with bad spelling and grammar.
- raid/hack other sites because of some "rivalry" or even in general.
- try to act like /b/tards.
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