The special olympics


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Anyone ever been in or watched the special olympics?? My brother was in the special olympics. He got two medals yay!! He came in second in his first race and came in fourth in his second race. It was so cool to watch him and to be there. I liked how it wasn't a competitive atmosphere. Everyone cheered for all of them.


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I can't watch the special olympics. I'm not nearly a good enough person to not laugh at them. I know that they're all trying their hardest, but there's a part of me that just really can't help but laugh at watching them do athletics.

But, at least I recognize this as a problem and as such I don't watch the special olympics. Congrats to your brother, though.


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What races did he run?

I've watched it a few times, it's never really been super important to me, cool to watch sometimes though.

Good for your bro by the way.
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