The Spartacus Workout - 45 Minutes x 3 Days a Week

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Mirage, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Unlike the 300 workout, which was actually just a final test, here's a legitimate workout used by Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield.

    Men's Health - Celebrity Fitness - Andy Whitfield's Workout: Lift to Lose

    After each set of 10 circuits, you break for exactly 3 minutes and then hit the next one.

    3 times a week, ~45 minutes each session, circuit style. I think I'm going to try this for a month and see what kind of results I can get.
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  2. Mirage

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    Well I started this today. I averaged 25 lb dumbbells for all of the exercises, give or take obviously. I only made it 2/3rds of the way through unfortunately. I was about to die at around 25 minutes.

    I'll most likely continue this (and variations) as I mentioned in the OP, but I'll have to drop the weight a hair if I am going to be able to make it the full 45 minutes.

    I felt worse after this workout than most workouts I've ever done, but it was definitely worth it.
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  3. Mirage

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    Somebody else here should try this so we can talk about it lol. :lol:

    I just did it again today and was able to complete it three times through this time around. I had to lower my weights though and this time averaged about 22 lbs for each circuit.

    It was the worst workout of my life. I felt like quitting for most of the 45 minutes.

    You can do this at home. All you need are dumbbells. I suggest 15's through 25's for most of these. I went with 50 on the first circuit and most of the rest were a lot lower.

    Also, if anybody wants to try this circuit, I've created a 1 page PDF that has all of the pictures from that site along with the name of each circuit. It makes staying on track a lot easier.
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    Somebody else here should definitely try this so we can discuss it!

    I'm actually quite impressed with my results so far. When I first did this 3 times through, I averaged 20 lbs per 9 exercises involving dumbbells. I've been moving up in weight and as of yesterday I'm averaging 25 lbs.

    This breaks down to:

    Goblet Squat: 50 lbs
    Mountain Climber: N/A (no weights required, not counted in average)
    Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing: 30 lbs
    T-Pushup: 15 lbs
    Dumbbell Split Jump: 0 lbs
    Dumbbell Row: 25 lbs
    Dumbbell Side Lunge And Touch: 25 lbs
    Pushup And Row: 25 lbs
    Dumbbell Lunge And Rotation: 35 lbs
    Dumbbell Push Press: 20 lbs

    225 lbs / 9 = 25 lbs
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    Well, clearly nobody from a month or so was interested but maybe now? :lol: I'm telling you this workout is insane. I have done P90X as well and this is much more intense.

    Here's a video that shows how to do each of these circuits. It also shows ways you can make it easier or harder, depending on where you are at:

    YouTube - Spartacus Blood and Sand Ultimate Workout Review

    I have been doing this 3 times a week almost every week for the past 90 days. I am definitely noticing some nice results. I've been able to increase my weights on almost every exercise at least once. I've gone up in pounds on at least half of these twice since starting.

    All that being said, somebody else here should try this! I want to discuss it haha. It's awesome. Trust me, it will kick your butt and then some if you do enough weight.
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    I'd try it, but I live in a < 400/500 sq. ft. trailer with three other occupants, have $0 with which to buy equipment, and it's -22F outside. :-/

    I've heard circuit training like this is supposed to be really good for you; I met a guy who did circuits when I was briefly in the military. He did cage fighting. The ground shook where he walked.
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    It's funny you should mention cage fighting. The ONLY person I've been able to convince to do this is a guy I know who's training for MMA cage fighting stuff. :lol:
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    Ok, I just saw the video and I've been wanting to change up my workout a bit. I've been doing pretty much the same workout for years now and this looks like a good workout. I've never done circuit training so it'll be interesting to see what kind of results I get. I don't have any dumbells lower than 25 pounds so I'll see how it goes with them.

    Did you provide a link to the PDF you mentioned?
    Ok, I tried this tonight and it's a killer. I finished two circuits and had to quit almost midway through the third. I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow.
    I always considered myself in pretty good shape and have worked out for a long time. But this was tough to get through. I'm sore but not as sore as I thought I'd be. This workout is something I'm going to keep doing I'm just going to have to modify it somewhat like not going the full 60 seconds so I can finish all three circuits and work my way up to it.
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    PM me your email address and I'll forward the PDF to you. You might not need it though. It's just numbers 1 through 10 with an image of each workout next to it. It's nice if you are starting out and don't remember the order.

    Heh, I've been saying it! Do it 3 times a week for 3 months and you'll look back on your first try and laugh. I only made it through the first two circuits too (I assume you mean two full sets of all 10, right?) Right around 25 minutes I was absolutely done haha. But like I said, stick with it and you'll be moving along in no time.

    Here's a handy flash timer I use for this workout. If you have a laptop you can easily use this: Online Tabata Clock - Workout Timer

    The nice thing about this workout is that you don't even need a gym membership. Just a few dumbbells and you can do it at home.

    To give you an idea of where I started 3 months ago and where I am at now:

    Goblet Squat: 50 lbs starting, 50 lbs still
    Mountain Climber: N/A (no weights)
    Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing: 25 lbs starting, 35 lbs now (kettlebell)
    T-Pushup: 15 lbs starting, 15 lbs still (staying at 15 for elbow reasons)
    Dumbbell Split Jump: 0 lbs starting, 0 lbs still
    Dumbbell Row: 20 lbs starting, 25 lbs now
    Dumbbell Side Lunge And Touch: 20 lbs starting, 25 lbs now
    Pushup And Row: 20 lbs starting, 25 lbs now
    Dumbbell Lunge And Rotation: 20 lbs starting, 25 lbs now
    Dumbbell Push Press: 15 lbs starting, 20 lbs now

    I can imagine having only 25 lbs dumbbells would be a bit intense on some of these, especially if you are doing the split jump with them. That's just suicide! I would say definitely go less time on each, maybe 45 seconds or so OR invest in some 15's or 20's. Luckily at those levels they aren't too expensive.
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