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The slow creep for fighting...


Registered Member
The Canadian Junior Hockey League has laid down a new rule. Currently their rule was an automatic ejection for any player who had a second fight in a game. Their new rule will hand down an automatic ejection for any fight. One fisty-cuff and you're having a shower. I think it is the beginning of a slow creep to remove fighting from the game. Players in the US system and now CJHL system will limit the amount of fights. Leaving the next step for fighting in the AHL. You won't be getting many guys in the juniors playing because they are an enforcer.

There's only one thing left... Since this rule is in the Canadian JUNIOR Hockey League, does the rule also apply to the Oilers?


New Member
This is wrong on so many levels. I still don't get why every bleeding heart wants fighting gone when its the blind side hit to the head that are causeing serious injury. I wish the instigator rule was gone, that way if you're a dirty player, damn right you're gonna get your ass kicked. I'd rather see 2 willing, matched combattants then see some poor guy get blindsided with an elbow


Registered Member
Here is the thing... Leaving fighting in the game and trying to reduce concussions is, seen by many, as a moronic situation.

You can not elbow a player in the head but you can drop your gloves and punch him, several times, in the head.

Proper policing by the zebras and real disciplinary action is required and it is currently not there. A time will come when fighting will be severely reduced and it will be more because of the environment the new players grew up playing in.