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TV The Simpsons


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As a kid I was addicted to The Simpsons...watched it about 5-6 times a day, but I'm sure that's not a shock to anyone as pretty much every kid did. With time, it became pretty stagnant. I don't blame them as finding ideas after 20 some seasons becomes quite hard. But a few months ago, I sat down and watched one of their classic episodes(Homer meets his mom), and I couldn't sit through the episode as I was so bored out of my mind. Since then I've wondered if it was because I grew out of it or if it was due to seeing the episode at least 15 times. As this happened to anyone else?


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Nope. I can still sit through multiple views of The Simpsons seasons 1 through 15 and not be bored at all. In fact, I think it's one of the few shows on TV that's made me laugh and cry just because of it's honesty and sincerity. Lately, though, it's really gone downhill. I haven't paid much attention to the newer episodes. They don't pique my interest and it takes them 5 minutes to do a couch gag now. It's been on the air for almost 26 years now and I would hate to see it cancelled due to low ratings, though. I think it should go out while it's still somewhat on top of it's game with a proper series finale.

Also, I feel the need to mention that Mother Simpson is one of my favorite episodes (along with Maggie Makes Three). The last shot of Homer sitting on his car and looking at the sky is the perfect end to a perfect episode.


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I love the Simpsons.... Watching the older episode are awesome still and I always laugh and even now I catch things or jokes I didn't get in the past... It has to be some of the best writing of any tv comedy in my opinion.


I can't believe this show is still on the air. I used to enjoy watching it during the first 12 or 13 seasons. I also went to see the movie, mainly because they picked the Springfield in my home state. Haha. I can't remember the last time I watched it on purpose and for a whole episode.


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I love the older episodes, not so much the first season but the 2nd-10th, I catch the new episodes here and there but it's not nearly as funny as it used to be