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I am going to see this on the opening day. They better put it in a HUGE cinema, because it's gonna be full..

And I too, think that this opening will have the biggest Box Office this year.

I can't wait to see it


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I am not a huge simpsons fan like I was maybe five years ago, but I still enjoy watching it time to time, and I am probably going to see this movie as well, and I believe a lot of people will see it as well, and I believe it will make lots of money in the box office, because half of this world likes the simpsons lol.


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It'll be popular, but not Pirates or Spiderman popular. Its audience is kind of restricted to....well, Simpsons fans. I still can't believe that they just now come out with a Simpsons movie.


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Basically it will rack in so many fans because face it , Almost everybody watches The Simpsons and will see the movie eventually. I can't wait to see it , Im a huge Simpsons fan and finally they have a movie:)
I'm going to see it at Midnight on opening day.

I am very skeptical since anyone that has watched the Simpsons in the past three years knows it's gone downhill. There is also the fact that it's hard to take a 30 min show and turn it into a feature-length movie (I still think Southpark has done the best job to date.)

I am mentally preparing myself to be let down, but I'm still going to see it no matter what.


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Does anyone else feel surprised that they're just now thought of the idea for making a movie of the Simpsons? I mean its been on for like a decade already and won many awards for the best animated television serious and what not, usually movies would be made right away. In the beginning when the Simpsons were growing in popularity, wouldn't that have been the best time to make a movie or something?

Anyways, still going to see the movie after watching some of the sneek peak trailers on youtube, funny stuff right there ^.^



I'm skeptical as well, though I do have a lot of faith in Matt pooling together everything from the past seventeen years for one big show. There have been a few notably good episodes lately. I'll definitely see it within the first two weeks, depending on those theatre lines..


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Maybe they thought the movie would introduce new events like...I dunno...Mr. Burns being nice.....that wouldn't work out in the TV show. I guess they wouldn't want to make the show awkward and contrasting with the movie.