The sight of blood.


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I was thinking about this as I know a lot of people who fell instantly sick at the blood, be it their own or someone else's, and it got me wondering why.

I have never been bothered by the sight of mine, which is good thing considering how much I have spilt over the years, and I have seen way more than my fair share of others as well without any ill effects.

But around a week ago my little wrecking ball fell and cut his hand it never bothered him to much but I admit to felling just a little queasy, maybe im just bothered by the fact it was my son.
If the sight of blood has an ill effect on you can you explain why?.


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Blood doesn't bother me at all. I would be a pretty terrible hospital employee if blood grossed me out lol. There have been only 2 things that ever made me feel queasy while at the hospital, and neither of them involved blood. I'm pretty good with everything, especially traumas. I work really well in high stress situations, and a lot of times they involve blood, so I am used to it.


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Yeah, I feel sick looking at blood and really gory accidents. Granted, movies really don't bother me, but if it happens in real life I feel really sick.

Once while working a little boy fell and hit his head on the table and he had blood running down his face. His mom comes up and she is like, "Need ice, right now. Please!" and so I grab ice and hand it to her, but I used my hands. >.> I was freaking out and couldn't think straight because of the blood. But I gave her a cup and some ice... Later on my manager went out after they left and said there was blood all over the table and I had to clean it up. I nearly fainted. >.<


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With the health problems I've had over the years, I don't have a problem at the sight of blood. Not really at all, I guess.

Still, if I saw a huge accident like someone losing their arm, or a bad car crash, I'm sure I'd have the typical human knee-jerk reaction and be grossed out. I don't see myself passing out though.


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I have seen some pretty nasty head wounds that were splashing blood all over the place and have been covered head to chest in blood from covering a a guys face with a bar towel after some idiot smashed a glass in his face.

Non of that bothered me, but seeing my little guy bleeding made me feel uneasy.


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I've been around alot of blood in my time and its never really bothered me at all. Mine, someone elses, an animals... none really have any bad impact on me.


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The sight of blood doesn't bother me if it's mine, however, if it's from another person then I tend to feel faint if there's a large amount... but I blame it on the smell more-so than the sight of it.