The Ships Log!


Ms. Malone
Avast me hearties, dis be the log of the crew so far!

Captain- PugznRoku
First Mate- Kyo
Second Mate(Ships Drunk)- Wydlesykosis
Cat o Nine Girl- Himeko
Ships Cook- Sui
Cannoneer- Veile
Assasain- Henskie
Navigator- Malificus
Musician- Rick (MSN)
Wench- Jeanie
Wench Tender- Hoosier
Spy- Andy (College)



rainbow 11!
Alright! Welcome aboard!

Your first job is to be in my sleeping quarters at 10 tonight.


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Here let me state everyones REAL Positions.

PugznRoku - Delusional pirate
Kyo - Traitor
Wydlesykosis - Prodigal son
Himeko - Lesbian lover (though i wouldnt mind watching that)
Sui - the women's bitch sui you will have women telling you to "make me a sandwich"
Veile - The girl covers her face but fails to cover her ass
Henskie - Um yeah Henskie's just kickass i dont know why hes with you. (Future sith convert)
Malificus - He will get you lost on purpose just to piss you off.
Rick (MSN) - Who the fuck is this guy. Shouldnt even be on the list.


Ms. Malone
Sure hoosier.

Got everyone signing up left-right and center!

Take that Swifty-boy!

Rick's the guy i 'dated' earlier