The "Sex Box" or: The Media Needs Intelligent People

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    Your first task, watch this video and if you're a gamer, try not to rage:

    Watch Page -- KDVR

    Second, is the media still so goddamn far behind the times that they're reporting shit like this? Don't they have anything better to do than scaring the shit out of parents for no reason? Well, that's wrong there is definitely some risks and perverts on Xbox Live and other such gaming and social communities, but this video is just laughable. If this can be considered news, then I should be qualified for Dan Rather's seat. This is part of the problem with information in America if you ask me. Rather than actually talking with your kids or a source of information for the subject you're looking into, people resort to watching hyperbolic and sensationalized news stories and sleeping in the fetal position crying in the corners of their bathrooms.

    Another way you can see this is with guns. Some people who are against guns see them as horrifying, terrifying, sentient beings looking for John Connor and the nearest litter of baby kittens to slaughter. This ridiculous imagery ends up on the front page and before you know it a decade or two passes and this sort of imagery has become . . . social knowledge? What? Education is the part missing. People like me who come from areas where guns are seen as gang tools more often than items of self-defense and independence are more often exposed to ideas of guns being exaggerated and blown out of proportion in terms of their terrifying nature. However, then you head towards more gun friendly sections of the country and you see people carrying in the mall, or playing catch in the park with the pistol just hanging out on the sides of their jeans or jacket pocket. Yet we apply this "suburban" situation to them and seem to think it's okay. Well, it's not!

    Just because something goes wrong in one place or because it has different social implications someplace does not mean we can use one profile of it for the rest of the country. Back to gaming, yes there are some sick fucks on Xbox Live. They're also on PSN, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, the news room, the dentist's office, your kids' school, the national sports teams, and in your favorite restaurants. Should we all run and hide? Only if you're a bitch, then go ahead and hide. Teach yourself for fuck's sake people. Controversial topics like online gaming and guns cannot be treated the same in every case. That's what I believe is one of the major problems of our problem solving systems in this country, we don't see specifics because we're lazy bastards. Not just in the US, mind you, but all over. People like to take the easy route and assume that because in their neck of the woods, most guys with blue t-shirts are violent, that guys in other parts of the woods with blue t-shirts are also violent.

    So task number two, now that my rant is done, with this video in mind do you believe the current state of information flow in this country needs to be overhauled? Such as the news media, should they be under a harsher microscope when it comes to reporting "fact"?

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    I like how the mom is "hovering" over her 13 year old son playing an M17 game.

    From my personal experiences on online games I rarely got harassed. Probably 98% of the time it was about the game and 2% of the time was some dude saying disgusting things. When that happened - and if the game offered it - I would block/mute them. In this news story it seems like a common occurrence. Now, everybody is different, but that's my point, this story makes it out to believe it's happening to everybody at all times.
    If only TV had an YouTube rating system. People could click on their remote and rate the particular story ranging from a 1 to a 5. This investigation would have gotten a one from me. :D

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