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Movies the seeker: The Dark is Rising


New Member
Yo TDIR is coming out in a few months. don't know if any of you've have heard of it. anyway, they're doing a game where you can "seek the signs" in their advertisements. the signs then unlock never before seen content or stuff on the site. i've posted the trailer and a vid i found on youtube that reveals one of the sequences. i think there are 5 more

Apple - Trailers - The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

YouTube - Another Sign Sequence Revealed - TDIR


Secret Agent
Staff member
Are you part of their marketing campaign? Seems like a very odd choice for your first post here.

Nonetheless, the movie looks pretty interesting. The rider in the poster with a cloth over his face looks like Vigo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings, but, after checking IMDB it turns out it is definitely not him.