The Seduction Of Mary Kelly


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Could the brutal murders attributed to Jack the Ripper have been committed by a woman charity worker in a perverse bid to bring the harrowing conditions in the East End into the light?
This is the theory put forward in a new novel about the Victorian serial killer, whose elusive identity has occupied criminologists for more than a century.

Was Jack the Ripper a WOMAN Salvation Army worker who turned serial killer to save the East End? | Mail Online
I never gave much thought to the Ripper being a woman. I never really considered a woman being strong enough to overtake someone easily without making too much noise. One thing about his theory that would make sense is a woman could have moved about without drawing much attention since they were looking for a man.

Even though I feel I have heard enough about JTR, fiction and nonfiction, this sounds like it might be something that I would like to read. The fact it sways from the usual suspects might make it interesting.