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The secrecy of those in power


aka ginger warlock
This thread is somewhat inspired by the fact I am currently going through a bit of an X-Files binge but also slightly by what Wikileaks have been doing for some time.

Everyday governments around the world run and organize how a country and a lot of the time we rarely question it because we believe that they are doing the right thing and keeping us safe.

Of course we don't know this and we will never really know that but how much information do you think we need to know? Do you think that we should be advised more of what is going on or do you think that the government has the right and for that matter is actually looking out for us by not telling us certain information?

I am very much a fan of freedom of speech/expression and I think we have the right to know how our country is being ran but I do think it would be dangerous to have certain things made public.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
People need some sort of transparency for sure. In here, I like the airings (on national telly) of senate and congress sessions and Q&As because you get to see how they're involved in social debates and important issues of the country. It gives a glimpse of how the government is ran. Transparency increases accountability.

In the general sense though involving national security, for example, there are things that we don't need to know. In the sense that, there is "no use" for us to know. If ever, a leak might just give a risk of letting people who shouldn't know (as opposed to us who just don't need to know) and compromise things.

This heirarchy of information isn't specific to the government. Even within the private companies, our families, heck even here in GF, there are levels of access you're allowed to which doesn't directly translate to those-in-the-know taking advantage of those-who-don't-know. It becomes a problem when you start distrusting the discretion of the former.

What I do have qualms about is when a small circle of people go rogue and deliberately guard information for personal and selfish reasons, when such information could have been more valuable being made public.