The Second Viewing


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I have been starting to notice this trend with my massive dvd purchases of anime. That on the second viewing of a show (the first being a fansub or perhaps a dvd rip dled off line) the show isn't as "great" or "good" as I thought it once was.

Perhaps knowing what happens spoils some of the surprise, but I am not sure entirely if it is because my tastes have changed.

For example, I am watching Elfen Lied for the second time and finding what I once thought was a fantastic anime to be a bit slow and dull at times. Or on the second viewing of DeathNote I find it to be better than the first viewing.

This has been happening with some anime for me mostly ones that I hadn't seen in a while. I just started to re-watch some anime because of my dvd purchase. For example, Elfen Lied I watched for the first time nearly 2 years ago. But anime like Black Lagoon and Melancholy (which I saw approximately one ago) I have thoroughly enjoyed all over again.

This happen to any body else. Because it's making me realize that sometimes just the story of the anime is captivating the first time and after that the anime loses a bit of its flavor...


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I've seen a lot of the anime in my top 10 more than once and never get tired of watching them. As for not as good the 2nd time around I'd have to say Ghost in the Shell: SAC(2nd season) would fit into this category.

When an anime is worse the 2nd time around I think a lot of it has to do with knowing what’s going to happen. It takes the “element of surprise” away.

It's easier to re-watch a show and dislike it more then it is to like it more. Because if you're re-watching an anime it's an anime you like. If that makes any sense at all.
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I think it's kinda useless to watch something for the second time especially when there's still so much to watch. I've only watched the first season of Ranma for the second time because it didn't bore me at all. But then I began watching Gintama and Urusei Yatsura so I dropped Ranma.
I've watched plenty of anime that was just as good on subsequent viewings |:

I haven't really had a show I liked where I re-watched it and liked it less though. But I did like FLCL more the more I watched it