The Seattle Super Sonics



I'm sorry for all of you in this division who DID NOT DRAFT KEVIN DURANT, u will all suck and the super sonics are now amazing, western conference finals in 3 years thats a promise


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Are you talking about the guy who's gone 9-36 FG in his 2 summer league games against guys who can't even get in the league? That's 25 FG% by the way. I know he'll be a great player but he doesn't have any excuse for this whereas Oden does with his tonsils.


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-__- some chinese guy played much better than Durant or Oden in the summer league...yes im a fan of Durant but one person doesnt make a difference in a franchise


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You gotta be kidding me Durant lost any back-up that could help him Ray, Rashard, Luke might be leaving. They need to make it out of the lottery before making it to the finals.


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Dude Durant is going to be a great player, but he's not going to be able to carry his team right away, he even said in a news conference that he's not the savior of this team. Also guys it's only Summer League, I doubt that Durant will actually shoot that bad when he plays his first NBA game he might struggle at first but usually everyone does, so I wouldn't take anything for his poor shooting.