The Search for Proof: Blasphemous?

Alright, despite my inactivity in this forum (I could explain why, but thats not the point today), I got thinking about religion today. I've taken too many religion classes, so blame that. Anyway, a thought occured to me, well, more like a question. I'm going to ask the question initially, post a couple of ideas, then ask it again.

~~~For the record: I am neither Christian nor Catholic. I enjoy studyin religions because it goes hand in hand with the history of humans and the way they act. A good connection between Anthropology, History and Psychology. Hooray!!~~~

Is the struggle to find proof of God a blasphemous act? (Specific to Christianity/Catholicism)
Ok, I'm well aware of the fact, that this is a strange question. Initially I laughed it off as my attempt to find some new paradox in the world. However, the more I thougth about it the more it weighed on my mind. Then somehow, it made sense to me. I'm going to start with a view verses from the Bible.

Mathew 9:29: "Then he touched their eyes and said, 'According to your faith will it be done to you.'"

I think this is a rather important passage. In the New Testament you see a lot of healing through "faith." Whether or not this healing was physical or metaphorical is always up for debate, however, it seems the focus is always on the act of healing. If the act of healing was important, than why was it read "According to your faith" not "through me." Sound nit picky? I really don't think so; here's why.

"Jesus" was all the proof you would have needed, correct? If you saw a man cure a blind man, heal a leper, and help a paralyzed man walk, well you'd sign up as well. God would have gotten his followers, and Jesus would've been rocking. Thats not the focus though, through his "teachings" the word faith is thrown around more than Tommy Lee's wives. Is there a reason why faith is said so much by the very man who was "proof" of God's existance?

Another example of healing through "faith:"

Luke 7:50: "Jesus said to the woman, 'Your faith as saved you, go in peace.'"

Ok congratulations Bryan, you can find Bible verses about faith, why bother?
Great question: so to the actual point of this thread.....

If the point of Christianity was to provide proof for the risen son and God, himself, why would faith be taught?

The very definition contradicts the struggle to find "proof." - Faith: "belief that is not based on proof."

I assume that the words in the Bible are chosen with atleast some form of discretion. So yet again, we focus on the word faith. God calls his "followers" to have faith in him, not to have proof of him. However, in today's age, it is more important to have proof of everything. We must have proof to believe in it. We are in the age of cynics and pessimists. (And rightly so) However, if an entire book (the "ONE" book on Christanity) is focusing on "faith" then why are Christians attempting to prove their "savior" exists(ed).

Wouldn't this be considered blasphemous? Instead of following the word of God, they let go of their faith. They become "scientists" and cynics. They question God's existance by attempting to prove it. You can't prove what you haven't questioned.

For example: If I wanted to prove that 2+3=6 I would have initially had to question what 2+3 equals.

So back to the question:

Is attemping to prove God's (and Jesus's) existance blasphmous?

I say yes, your thoughts?



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If god exists and is absolute, then a search for proof would simply be a reassuring and faith-building experience, you'd see God in more places and feel more comfortable and at peace. Thus, there should be no direct logical argument against it.

However, if religious institutions teach that searching for proof of God is blasphemous, it's a cultural institution; if they truly do know that God exists and believe what the scriptures indicate, they should view such attempts as perhaps a bit superfluous, but not blashpemous.

After all, if they welcome druggies, ex-atheists, adulterers and criminals into their arms, shouldn't a person in search of the basis of their faith be just an internal movement without the church at best, or at worst simply another lost person coming home with contentment and ironclad faith?

If they think that such thinking will cause people to see the reality of agnosticism and leave the Church, that wouldn't make sense--theistic religions make up the vast majority of the world and continually grow at an astounding rate.


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Great thread and response.

"We must have proof to believe in it." <-- This is backwards

We must believe in God, to be giving proof of God. Proof is God's reward for our faith. Yes, going to large extents to prove Jesus and/or God, as Kaz said, is rather superfluous and may, depending on the situation, be considered rather blasphemous, if in our attempts to prove him, we are denouncing him because the proof is not there, but many of us do it, and it is a common weakness for which we are all to blame.


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The idea that we can have infallible knowledge of anything, much less the existence of God, is pretty well dead. The challenge for thinking theists these days is to formulate a convincing argument for why a belief in God is useful or desirable. That's where appeals to emotion come in. Incidentally, there are logical proofs for the existence of God. It just happens that a claim isn't true by virtue of being logical.


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So said the machine"Are you one of the sheep of Jesus or a goat of the Antichrist?37 Do you like .... the end for the purpose of bringing about the kingdom of Heaven on earth. ..."

"“If you go dark, the world goes dark.” Posted by Patrick at 09:54 AM * 160 comments .... The only way this will change is from the leadership at the top. ..."

The Bible says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) ..... I’m not going to call them heretics any more, but separated brethren. ..."


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Irish, it looks like you are quoting someone else off of a website. Care to provide the link?


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the second post i did... it was just various thoughts (hence so said the machine)... the first one was me.

plus the links had no connection to the words... but you either know and don't talk about, or are not aware what this means.

is it blasphemous to expose God's traitorous imposters? No, if you can't get them to confess after tedious exhortations, it is responsibility...God have mercy on them. I can respect blemishes, but not leaders who wear make up.

We should think of God the same way dog's think of their masters... We must understand we are loved through all our wrongdoings, just as we are loved in our obedience.

Imagine if dogs allied against humans... wouldn't you heart be broken? Imagine if dog's went out of their way to attack other dogs... imagine if they refused to go home or aknowledge their providers... we are not only God's best friends, we are all part of his family, just as our dog's are part of ours.