The scottish courts fail again

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    sorry but this will seem like a rant and yes i am more than likely being one sided but when you read the act commited and the sentence given out you may understand how i feel

    the following story is in regards to a very close friend of mines who is the victim the story is from the local paper in my area

    A 17-YEAR-OLD youth who assaulted a man with a rake, punched him repeatedly and threw stones and plant pots at him, left him needing 20 stiches to his head and body.
    Airdrie Sheriff Court heard how Andrew Dickson was in his home at Garden Square Walk, Airdrie, when he heard shouting and swearing coming from a group of youths nearby.
    He went out to speak to them and asked them to move on but some of the youths began punching him on the face and head.
    The accused, Luis Blades of Forfar, was in a nearby garden and approached Mr Dickson with a rake and began striking him several times .
    A neighbour, who saw the attack, called police and then got her dog and went over to the group.
    The group were throwing stones, plant pots and rocks at Mr Dickson.
    The dog grabbed the trouser leg of one of the unidentified males.
    Mr Dickson, who had been on the ground with his hands over his head to protect himself from punches from the accused, managed to run back into his house.
    Mr Dickson was badly injured and bleeding from wounds on his head, arm and back.
    Police officers arrived, saw the youths, but were unable to catch them because of the darkness. They returned back to Garden Square Walk and seized a plant pot, rake and can of lager.
    Police then saw the accused and two others and stopped him and took a description of his clothing.
    Mr Dickson was examined by doctors and received 20 stiches to lacerations on his scalp, arm, neck and back.
    The accused’s defence agent said: “Drink had been taken and my client accepts responsibility for his part. He was 15 at the time. Community service would be appropriate.”
    Sheriff Tom Millar said: “I take into account your age and that you didn’t start this escalation. I will take a step back from imprisonment and sentence you to 100 hours’ community service.”
    Blades admitted, while acting along with others unknown, assaulting Andrew Dickson, c/o Coatbridge Police Office, and repeatedly punching him on the head and body, repeatedly striking him on the body with a rake or similar instrument, and throw stones, plant pots, and similar objects, all to his injury and permanent disfigurement, at Garden Square Walk on December 7, 2007.
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    I don't mean to sound stupid here, but I'm having trouble understanding what your rant is about.

    Are you saying that the accused didn't get enough punishment for the crime or are you saying that he didn't deserve the punishment he got?

    Personally I think that he didn't get enough punishment for the crime. There was no need to start hitting the guy just for asking them to leave. Just seems totally unnecessary to do that to someone.
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    sorry forgot to state my friend was the victim

    so yes i feel the sentence delivered is no where near enough to what he deserved, 100 hours of community service for attacking another human being with a rake and also beating on him leaving his wife and 2 young children very scared and himself requiring medical attention is a f******* joke!

    i resent they way i feel at the moment my thoughts have more or less turned to revenge but i know of course that would be a silly mistake to make
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    Is Andrew Dickson not a pompous prick anyway?

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