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The Russian Bully Machine at work


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Medvedev vows to deploy sufficient weapons in disputed islands

"President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday ordered the deployment of sufficient weaponry to secure the disputed Southern Kuril islands also claimed by Japan, local media reported."

This issue has been on going since early in 1900's. Japan defeated Russia in a war for these islands then, and both sign treaty giving these islands off the coasts of Russia/Japan to Japan.

Since this time there have been 2-3 more disputes over the islands. During WW2 Russia again took the islands from defeated Japan vowing to sign new treaty with Japan to divide the islands as part of "backroom" end of war deals with the Axis. But as typical Russia does, these treaties were never signed by Russia and since there has been small flare ups between Russia and Japan over these islands.

Now, Japan is being more forceful, less diplomatic with Russia and is set on taking these islands, all of them.

That is what I learn from my history class's and nothing I look to find, so is possible there is variances of this conflict, but is what has been taught to me. I welcome possible other history accounts.

My feelings of these islands is simple, they are Japan's, as signed in a treaty in the earlier 1900's stolen by Russia during the time Japan was defeated by the USA in WW2. Japan was victom (like many) of WW2 "backroom" axis deals to divide Europe, and Japan.
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