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The rumor mill


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Please share any and all GF related rumors here....

Whether they are real or fake :lol:

Bizzy loves Lauren...



Sally Twit
I'm a bully and a troll.
Millz and Bex love each other
Smelnick bleeds alcohol
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I ♥ Haters
Let's see...

Elly has an unhealthy obsession with kars.
Tucker loves Bliss.
Mary Lou was a ginormous whore.
Bubbles is hands down the coolest person on this forum.


For a Free Scotland
Pro2a killed Osama. With gunz.


Registered Member
Smelnick bleeds alcohol
Actually, if you were to drink Smelnick blood on an especially 'fun' evening, it'd be like drinking a 0.3% v/v beer. For reference, the equivalent amount of alcohol in one typical 5% v/v beer compared to Smelnick Blood would be about 4.7 L (the better portion of the blood in his body), or basically, a 12-pack of Smelnick Blood.

Which is a lot, considering there's supposed to be no alcohol in blood. So really, it isn't a rumour at all.


Registered Member
CGSA stalks me in real life,
Smel is hiding Canada's plans--to overtake the world--beneath his mustache,
Bubbles actually lives with me,
General Forum is reality and the outer world is simply an illusion.
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