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The rules of Table Matches


aka ginger warlock
I have been watching wrestling for some time now and like to think I know most of the the rules but one seems to have changed recently. I was watching Raw just before the Rumble when Randy Orton went through a table and Miz kept the title. Thing is though Miz did not put Orton through the table yet the match ended, I asked a friend who also enjoys wrestling why the match ended and he said "he went through the table" to which I replied that he fell into it and was not put through it, the rules were always that someone had to put through the table in an offensive move and not simply falling onto it, these rules seem to have changed.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I can say to start of the discussion that everything in pro wrestling is flexible...things change from year to year.

It would make sense that one opponent always has to be the one to put the other through the table, though.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The first time something like this came into question that I remember was when Sheamus won the WWE title over John Cena at the TLC PPV. They were on the top rope and Cena appeared to fall off the top rope and through the table but Sheamus was declared the winner.

I think as long as they go through the table its over. I don't remember an instance in which someone went through the table but they said it didn't count because they weren't thrown through it.
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