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The root of all evils


Registered Member
What do you reckon is a common evil in 'your' society?

I mean the sort of thing that acts as a catalyst for people having to suffer misery etc.

Is it money?
Is it society's rules?
The idea of being strapped to a system?
Or is it all a myth? Is it not a case of there being a common evil, but your own fault for not fighting and making your life better. For not coping or learning to adapt to the environment you live in?

Just wondering really, I hope it doesn't come across as morbid, I mean I personally don't go through much misery, which is nice, but you know-- you read the news and see this stuff, or you meet people who are complaining about it all the time. It might be trivial - "That bloody prime minister," says a taxi driver. However, it does often appear serious and *what word(s) to use* - 'in-your-face' somewhat.

Please discuss this. If you want to. If you know what I mean.


The Hierophant
I'd say that the root of all evil here in the States is money. Money is an imaginary force backed by absolutely nothing and it's all made by the Federal Reserve, which has absolutely no government ties. Since the Federal Reserve makes all of this imaginary money, they can say what it's worth. So, they made the most perfect system to keep everyone that comes in contact with it, completely under their control.

Since the government doesn't have any part in making this money, they have to borrow every single penny that they spend from the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve being a business just like any other lends their money to the government with interest. So, for every one dollar that we spend, we have to pay back more than one dollar. And in order to pay off that dollar (with interest) we have to borrow even MORE money. It's a never ending cycle that'll never get us out of debt.


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You can bring about a lot of change yourself (even though it takes strength to break a habit, even more so when you are not feeling well). But some things you can't escape from (health issues).

The root of all evil, hmm... the lack of education/decent upbringing so many people seem to suffer from these days.
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Money is definitely the root of all evil. In my country(Nigeria), you can't even begin to imagine what people will do just to lay their hands on a wad of cash, from elected officials to ordinary citizens. They are all just so desperate. For example, during election campaigns and even during elections, just to get their hand s on ballot boxes in order to rig elections, they could even kill and maim voters. There is just nothing people in Nigeria won't do for money, period.


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It's def money. People on top have it and know how to use it to keep other people poor. I mean, poor people are the best slaves cause they'll work really cheap. Dad says there are people here in the U.S.A. working 48 hours a week and living in their cars cause they cant afford an apartment. Anyway, if people cant get money and need it, they might do anything to get it (good or evil). But you cant fight people with money cause they can afford the best lawyers.