The Rooney Rule


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This was one of the topics discussed on Parton the Interuption today.

They were saying that the Rooney rule is a big joke, especially after the way Seattle Seahawks hired Pete Carroll.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe they should implement the rule more? Do you think it's a big joke? Do you think they should drop the rule?



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Rooney Rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Its a rule they put in place that says you have interview at least one minority before hiring a new head coach.

I think the rule is fine but some of these teams are making a mockery of it by interviewing these guys with no intention of actually hiring them.

So if its in place that's fine but ACTUALLY ENFORCE IT.


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I think it's a big joke and is pretty much reverse racism. People shouldn't be given special consideration just because of the color of their skin. Rules like this don't help fight racism. It's really just regressing, if anything.


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I heard a similar discussion yesterday on Sirius Radio. I think the rule is pretty dumb because often organizations are interviewing people they have no intentions of hiring.