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Movies The Room


A Darker Knight
Has anyone seen this? I saw it at a midnight screening this weekend, and it was without a doubt, the most amazing movie-going experience of my life.

I couldn't hear the dialogue most of the time, but the comments people were making totally made the night.

For those who don't know what The Room is, it's a movie made in 2003 by Tommy Wissaeu (he made himself the star, director, producer, etc.). It's famous for being so terrible that it's good. Originally meant to be a dramatic movie with a love triangle, bad acting, terrible scripting, terrible...everything turned it into a comedy.

Now it's sort of developed its own cult following and it regularly has midnight screenings. There's certain jokes that people always make, lines you recite with the characters, and spoon throwing at hated characters. :D

Here's a video of the kind of stuff that goes on. The comments that people were making when I went were so much better than the ones in the video.

YouTube - The Room Screening (First Two Minutes)
YouTube - Tommy Wiseau The Room "Because you're a woman"